Erik Karlsson By Abram saunders

Erik Karrlsson is a male celebrity born on Thursday May 31st, 1990. Erik Karrlsson is my hero because he has inspired me to be better at hockey and be a better person in life. He is a really good hockey player and inspires a lot of kids to be better.

Erik Karrlsson is encouraging by being a leader and showing people that watch him on the tv playing his game of hockey. As of right now he is leading his team in the second round of playoffs against New York Rangers and they are winning the series 2-1.

Erik Karrlsson is a leader by leading his team as a captain for the Ottawa Senators and lead his team to the playoffs this year.

Erik Karrlsson is my hero because he has made is dream come true and is doing what he enjoys and ihe is an amazing player. When he was a child his dream was to play for the NHL and now that's his job and career.

This is why he is my hero because I like the Ottawa Senators and he's my favourite player as a captain. He also is my hero because he has an awesome career playing for the NHL and inspires me to be better in hockey and successful in life and do what you enjoy.

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