Recovery Topping & Tailing Your Practice

When you experience illness there is of course disruption, but on the other side it’s important to give yourself time to recover and for your practice to reflect that.Using one of my favorite props #simhasana box by #vectorwoodworking (my favorite box is the one with the hand-holds in the sides) to add an extra dimension to this pose.

Supported reclining postures with elevated chest helps restore energy & aid respiration after a heavy cold.

The pose, Setu Bandha Sārvāngāsana is my go-to to top and tail my practice with; first pose on the mat and last to all but Śavāsana when I have or recovering from a cold. My sinuses clear my and relieves pressure in the head. It has a soothing at the same time, has energetically restorative quality to the pose and I feel well looked after spending just 5 minutes. Colds can disrupt your sleep, so having a firm sturdy support while doing a more restorative practice is sometimes necessary.

The prop gives a rock steadiness with height for the hips and chest & the wall to “close the circuit” for your feet, opening up the front body for a more full expression of the pose.

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