House on Rainforest Road Jonathan Fogarty

My Name

I was named Jonathan Bailey Fogarty because my mother thought that it would be cool to have someone in our family named Jonathan Bailey. I think my name doesn’t fit me for my personality and my figure. I think a more suitable name for me would be Matthew Cole Fogarty.

My School

At my school there are four main social groups, the really good and popular athletes, the decently good and semi popular athletes, the nerd athletes that are decent at sports and semi popular, and the 100 percent nerds. I fit into the group of the decently good athletes that are semi popular. The way the groups are made are truthful but they hurt people's feelings. When I was put into the group I was kind of disappointed in myself because I thought I was a better athlete than I am and that I was popular because I was one of the most popular in elementary and was almost the best at everything.

My House

My house is a two story cookie cutter house that has expensive water and a small back yard. My garage is packed with baseball equipment and mowing tools. When you enter the front door if you turn to the left you will see the dining room and if you turn to the right you will see two doors, the first door is a ½ bathroom and the second door is my parents bedroom. Once you walk about five steps straight you will be in the living room, if you turn left you see the tv and the stairs and to the right you will see the kitchen and the pantry. Once you go upstairs from the top of the stairs you can see four doors two on the right one too the left and one straight in front, the first on the right is my brothers, the second is the bathroom, the on in front is my sister's room, and the one on the left is my room.

My neighborhood

My neighborhood has about 300 houses and only one park. Every day I go to the park and there are the same people every time, Erick the 11th grader, Erik the 9th grader, Cameron the 10th grader, Brian the 9th grader, Cason the 3rd grader, and Cole the 1st grader. Every time we have a football game where anyone can join or leave, and every time we have the same teams, Brian, Erik, Cason, and me; Erick, Cameron, and Cole.


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