Hi, I'm Ryan Solopreneur | Dreamer | Innovation Enthusiast | INTJ

I'm a 26 year old in Melbourne Australia, a former Sydneysider and future Californian. This is a place for my thoughts, ideas, dreams and projects. It's also any opportunity for you to get to know me as a person.

My passion

I am bootstrapping a startup called Livenear, a lifestyle based online real estate search. The idea was inspired by my own experience searching for a new home in Melbourne. As I had just moved here, my first days in this city were spent on my friend's sofa. I was eager to put myself out there and find a place that I could call home and as my chiroporactor woud tell you, so was he. Like the organised person that I am, I had a pretty good idea of where and what I was looking for and I had made a list of these points - at this point I was super excited. I was excited about the life I would create.

I was excited about the life I would create.

Hours, turned into days... of trawling through listings, most of which were not what I was looking for. Admittedly, the information I wanted was out there and I knew where to find it. So I did. Very slowly. The unfortunate thing is, towards the end - the process became very onerous - I just wanted to be done with it. But it did beg the question - surely there is a better way? Since this time I have set out to find out what people see in a home - what really matters to them, and now I am building a home search for these people. At the heart of this search engine is lifestyle, because I want to help people live what they love. If you think this is a good idea, please take a few minutes of your time to answer my short survey - the more people I hear from, the more personalised I can make the options.

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