Read To Write featuring the benefits of eng 111

In these past few months I've only reaffirmed the notion of commitment. That is, if you are willing to put in effort for something you truly do care for then the finished product can become the best bi-product of your ability and work ethic. There is no substitute for sitting down and learning something. How you go about this is up to you. At a place like Miami there are abundant resources in the form of people and media that are available to help you strive towards the process of revision, data gathering, citing, and website technology. The most important facet of composing I would say, for me, was creating visuals outside of text that really bring attention to the text--therefore this augments and helps the presentation format. In order to coalesce your thoughts properly with sensibility you must rinse all the unnecessary verbiage out and refine so only the really important stuff is left. According to Orwell and many others the best way to convey something is the most efficient and the most terse. This is not to say don't use big words or create interesting sentence structures, more so about thinking through the sentences and purging them. Eng 111 was a great platform to focus explicitly on research and furthering my understanding of visual art online.

What is not contested is that reading can make you a better writer. The niceties in the English language seem infinite. There are many different ways to say different something differently.

Yes, that are many myriad a way to denote, describe, detail: with it comes thinking.

I hope reading excites you and if not, change?


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