A few minutes free-falling is more than just a fun hobby. It’s about pushing your limits. Proving something to yourself. Enjoying some adrenaline-based stress relief. Because retail is more than what it sells.

It’s interesting to see how amidst all the tumult around the physical stores fading away, we are seeing them make a bold comeback. Thanks to the ‘experience’ economy, it’s no more an ‘either’ ‘or’ story.

Strong customer engagement and brand interactions lead to higher volumes of returning patrons – and now more than ever, customers are demanding high-quality integrated experience in the shopping environment. A recent study by RIS News says the leading strategy for retailers over the next 18 months is to ‘increase customer engagement’ with over 50 percent of respondents saying it’s their top goal through 2018. An incredible and engaging shopping experience leaves a lasting impression on customers.

In times ahead, brick and mortar spaces are becoming more than what they sell. They’re a way for businesses to build a personal connection with their customers. Retailers must offer something more than just clothes or food, or gifts. They must offer experiences. Places where people can meet. Or escape. Somewhere to work, play and live because retail means more.

With Big Red Rooster, a JLL company, we envision, design, and implement big ideas that meet consumers where they are — creating a series of connected moments and experiences that move people to action.

Follow the link below to dive into the six dimensions of retail experience.

Getting Instagram Ready

The question is how do we create this experience? This can be done through services like online order pick up, onsite alterations, returns, and personal styling or just having photo-ready, instagrammable ambience to not just wow the customers, but create some ripples on social media. Instagram has changed the way customers are experiencing retail, which is now heavily through their phone lens.

This phenomenon has opened new opportunities for commercial and retail real estate landlords renting spaces to pop-ups and longer-term installations to make retail more visual and shareable.

Learn more about the Instagram phenomenon taking retail by storm

Candytopia is a traveling interactive installation with candy art galleries, flying unicorn pigs and a marshmallow tsunami swimming pool. It's an Instagram hot spot. It's a utopia for candy lovers. And its gift shop is doing gangbuster sales.

In this podcast, John Goodman, Candytopia CEO, talks about how Candytopia came about, its growth plans and what he's learned from playing the ringleader of a crazy candy circus.

Natalie Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Winky Lux, creates "lux cosmetics at drugstore prices." In this podcast, she talks about the growth of Winky Lux and the burgeoning "masstige" beauty segment. Bricks-and-mortar retail is playing an increasing role in Winky Lux's growth strategy. The retail research team also gets a tour of the Winky Lux Experience store in New York.

Retail Means More

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