Hatchet Created by: cassidy phillips

When Brian is on his way to Canada, the pilot has a heart attack and he is most likely dead. Brian tries to get into contact with the radio from the pilot, the person he does find someone to talk to they lag out and Brian can't get into contact with him. Brian crashed the plane into a lake and was injured pretty bad.
In the next few days Brian finds a shelter and starts to build it. Then he needed to get food. When he found food he ate a lot of the berries. during the next night/morning, Brian woke up with really bad stomach pain. He blamed the berries and called them gut cherries. Later a porcupine came into his shelter and when he shooed it out, the quills of the porcupine got him. He through his hatchet at it and the hatchet hit the ceiling causing a spark.
When he was sleeping during that night in his dream, his friend Terry and his dad were trying to tell him he could make fire with his hatchet. When he woke up he got wood and put it on the top of the stone ridge. That didn't work so he ripped up his 20 dollar bill to use paper, but that didn't work. So he cut up pieces of wood into small and thin strips. When he did that he made the sparks and blew on it. Then he had fire.
The fire kept the bugs out. A few nights later he heard something dragging out from the ocean and back in. When he woke up the next morning he followed the tracks and dug up when he reached the end of it. He found turtle eggs and thought about if he should eat them or not. Then he remembered that his uncle carter ate raw eggs. When he first broke into one, He hated the texture but he could deal with the flavor.
During that night a skunk came into his home and started to dig up the eggs that Brain had burried through


Created with images by tookapic - "firewood axe cut" • Chiemsee2016 - "tyrol haldensee austria" • PublicDomainPictures - "axe blade block"

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