Expressive Therapy for Depression Rachel Borovaya

Expressive therapy is a form of healing that uses art (dance, writing, music, etc).

Art becomes a tool to express feelings that the person struggles to express through regular therapy sessions

Studies focus on narrative journaling based on traumatic and emotional experiences

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Task-based psychotherapy that works in the present to teach modifying dysfunctional and destructive behavior. Unlike psychotherapy, which aims to discover why a person is behaving in a certain way, CBT deals directly with the empirical pursuit of cognitive changes. Dealing with mental illnesses in short sessions of six to twelve weeks, writing is a crucial aspect of successful treatment.

MoodGYM- Free Australian mental health resource

Need for Advocacy

The specific challenges that prevent widespread writing therapy are:

~ Lack of CBT practitioners

~ Lack of accessible mental health resources

~ An industry attachment to psychotherapy

~ Undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses

Advocacy Actions

Increased awareness of online resources

Advocating for a US-based therapy application

Funding outpatient programs for depressed Americans

Including narrative journaling in specialist visits when dealing with emotional or physical trauma

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Rachel Borovaya

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