Skills Required for Excel in College

It is harder for an individual to adjust in the college particularly when he is new in the college and have just taken admission, adjusting in the college is the main problem that students face all around the world. Keeping the balance in academic life and the newly found freedom is what most college students fail. Since college life is related to the newly found freedom where the individual is required to balance their college life and their personal life as well. There is no accurate study time required, no specific mealtime, the overload of the studied and the greater need of the multitask at the college life. In order to excel in college, the student is required to develop the following skills and become successful in their academic life.

1) Time Management

The student must prepare a weekly schedule that can help them include the class, studying, activities, daily meals, the required work and the time with their friends. Being a college student is tough as it is absolutely like the full-time job, an individual is not only required to study for the college, but he/ she is also needed to prepare for their daily life activities.

2) Stress management

The college life is full of stress as in such cases, the writer is not only responsible for academic studies, but they are also stressed because of their other life activities. The students are required to exercise regularly, take adequate rest; the healthy meal and the meditation are the additional suggested way that helps in reducing the stress level of the student. The students must find ways to introduce their coping measures in their student life that can help them decrease their stress and throw their life away.

3) Study Skills

The effective and excellent study skill is the most difficult skill to develop, and the student is required to manage their time and their skills effectively in order to manage their study skills. High school students often lack such skills; therefore, it is suggested to the students to know how to read a book, take daily notes in the class, use the university library to improve their current knowledge as such practices in the college help in studying better and effectively.

4) Money Management

Handling money is another challenging job as in this case, the students are more likely to divert from their current required practices and spend money on their leisure activities. Paying the study loan, along with the daily expenses, is challenging for the student as, before the college life, their parents handled the financial matters. Therefore, shifting the financial responsibility is another huge responsibility that college students often fail at.

5) Assertiveness Skills

Be assertive in your practices, while you are dealing with the issues you just be assertive but make sure you are not passive-aggressive and scare your mates off. Keep an adequate balance in your assertiveness do not allow others to take advantage of yourself. The skills of assertiveness allow the college student to a roommate to communicate effectively, the study groups, and the conflicts in the team and the resolutions. Such skills also involve learning and practising in healthy boundaries.

6) Self-Care Skills

It is imperative for the college students to be good enough to be able to take their own care, as in the college life they are independent and responsible for all the home chores. Seek help from your roommates, friends, families and teachers whenever needed but make sure to improve work activities gradually/

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