Narwhals by Daniel, Xavier, and kian

So our project is about narwhals because people really don't like narwhals and they are not talked about that much. They are going to be extinct one day in the future because people are killing one by one and it is very bad.

Narwhals are being killed and it needs to stop

Some ways narwhals are being affected is because of us people. We are polluting the polar ice caps which melt and can hurt or kill the narwhals. Narwhals live in Antarctica, and its very cold there and that's the climate that they like to live in. Global warming is when the water starts to get warm and melts the icebergs and ice caps, and that is ways that narwhals are being affected

Ice Caps

Narwhals are at risk of being extinct because of Global warming. Example when the weather starts to heat the icebergs, because of global warming soon the icebergs will melt and fall on then narwhals. Another Example is that, after the all the ice melts people will start hunting the Narwhals. The Green House Effect also affects the icebergs.

The Greenhouse Effect

This is another reason this will affect the narwhals. It will get the narwhals to move south.

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