Having a Marketing Strategy Can Increase Brand Awareness. Here's Why:

Experiences Are Everything

One of the best ways to not only gain a new customer, but keep them as well, is to invoke an experience that encourages them to engage with your company or product. By utilizing Brand Activation, you can drive consumer action by bringing your brand to life in the form of an experience that creates an emotional connection. In other words, your products or services will take on a new form and become something bigger and better to the user.

Brand Activation marketing campaigns take many shapes and forms. Some of the more common brand activation strategies include:

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Brand Activation Example: IKEA's Private Dining Club

IKEA has always tried to push the limits of what a furniture can be, but back in 2016, the Scandinavian home décor retailer opened a pop-up restaurant where diners were able to build and cook their own meals using IKEA's provided kitchen. According to IKEA, "When we cook together, we make more than just food." The idea here was that the people could serve as the chef, preparing food for their group of friends and family in a public restaurant setting.

The brand decided to use this experiential marketing campaign to allow an emotional attachment between their products and their customers. This really pushes the idea that anyone can be a chef and can prepare a meal just as good as the top restaurants with IKEA brand products. Besides this DIY pop-up restaurant, the Dining Club featured an IKEA cafe serving Swedish delicacies, ‘Food for thought’ workshops, a kitchen showcase area including a virtual reality kitchen and a unique shop.

The pop-up installation proved to be a success during the 2-week long campaign that consisted of 38 sessions. Because of the hype involving such a unique and interactive experience, potential chefs had to be selected via application to which you could invite 7 to 19 friends to enjoy your meals. IKEA's brand activation ultimately brought attention to their products and how they stand against the top brands in the world for culinary arts.

Photo Credit: IKEA

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