Restoration BY GRAE

Restoration can be defined as the mending or reconstruction of a place or condition but the reconstruction of ones self makes the meaning of restoration expand beyond it's very limits. My focus will feature the restoration of me while incorporating the restoration of software to show the changes throughout my past years and how they are noted as "Lost Documents". My personal focus is focusing on the changes that happen throughout the stages of life and how things begin to become forgotten and lost. This will be featured on drawings, photography, installation and software.

Art work by Charis Tsevis.

Charis Tsevis is a Greek Illustrator, Digital artist, graphic designer who creates artwork in way that isnt often seen around or modern day society. Tsevis uses objects that relate to ones self and uses those objects to create their portrait. For example in the first photo, Tsevis used many of products from apple like software icons and other apple products to create the bigger picture of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. He is influential to me because of the way he designs his work by using things that make the person who they are and I am hoping to do something similar to his work.



How am I to restore myself? Piecing my past to create the person I am today. Who were my friends... How did my past affect me...


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