Oakfield News Issue 85 - 5th March 2021

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Note from our Head

Dear Oakfield families,

It is no exaggeration to say we are HUGELY looking forward to seeing the children back in the classrooms, corridors and playgrounds of Oakfield next week. We have sadly had to get used to coming into school and not enjoying our full complement of pupils and had to miss out on seeing their sense of discovery and enthusiasm for learning in-person. On Monday that all changes and we hope you and the children are as excited as we are. You should have received a letter from me about our preparations for Monday to reassure you we are well-placed for the transition back to in-person teaching in a safe and secure way.

Thank you again to all the teachers, parents, families, our technology partners London CLC and IT support staff who helped with our establishment and deployment of remote learning over the last few months.

We look forward to welcoming you back next week and have wonderful weekends in the meantime.

Moyra Thompson



Results were as follows...

In 4th place are ................ Ruskin
In 3rd place are ................Webster
In 2nd place are ................Pearsall
And so the winners are........... BAIRD!


Weight and Mass

This week Year 1 have been working on capacity and measuring volumes. Lots of fun practical activities for our last week of online learning!

The children have enjoyed making a Theatre show and puppets to go with their story written in English.

We would like to thank you all for your tremendous support and kind words throughout this lockdown. We have really appreciated all of the help that you have provided for your children to access the remote learning effectively. We know it has been tough, but we have got through it together and we are very much looking forward for the children’s return on Monday!


2nd Hand Uniform Donation

Dear Parents,

Please see the list below for the dates to donate any uniform to OAFS.

A member of the OAFS team will be in the lower school car park from 08:30-08:50am on the collection days.

Can we ask that any items you are donating are washed and in good condition with the labels removed.

Please do not send in any non-regulation uniform as we cannot sell it.

Collection dates

  • Monday 5th April 2021
  • Monday 3rd May 2021
  • Monday 7th June 2021
  • Monday 5th July 2021

Many Thanks

The OAFS Team

OAFs Virtual Quiz - 12th March

Have a wonderful half-term everyone!


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