Latest Fashion Trends of Fall By Jessica d'aniello

Fall fashion is coming in strong around the community, online, and social media! Celebrities are beginning to wear trends that are becoming very popular. People wear most of these trends everywhere you look, in school, or at the store. In this article, the most popular trends are highlighted. Have fun pairing these trends with an everyday outfit or using one of these examples as your inspiration.

Animal Prints: A new fashion trend that creates a big statement to a simple outfit, animal print could be on jeans, jackets, shirts, purses, hats, shoes, and even phone cases. These prints could be paired with a solid color or denim. You can find these pants (picture 1) at: Nasty Gal --- The cheetah jacket (picture 2) at: H&M or Amazon -- The cow jacket (picture 3) at: Pretty Little Thing or Amazon
Over-sized Tops: This has been a major trend for the past year or two but it has really become popular this fall. Over-sized tops can range from just a t-shirt to a windbreaker or jacket. They can be paired with a skirt, some baggy jeans/pants, or just a pair of regular jeans or leggings. Over-sized tops could really be found anywhere; all you have to do is buy the product a few sizes up from your size. A few popular tops could be band t-shirts, Nike sweatshirts, college sweatshirts, windbreakers, jean jackets, or just a plain sweater/shirt.
Baggy/Wide Leg Jeans: These types of jeans have replaced the cliché skinny jean. Most people are starting to wear the flare jean, boyfriend/mom jean, straight jean, bell-bottom jean, etc. High-rise has also became very popular among jeans. Popular websites these could be found on is: Free People, Target, Princess Polly, Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova, PacSun and H&M.
Tennis Skirts: Tennis skirts have become a roaring trend lately. Usually paired with a sweatshirt or over-sized jacket with a tank top, tennis skirts could be dressed up or down with almost anything. You can find them on: Amazon, Pretty Little Thing, or Brandy Melville.
Sweater Vests: Mostly worn on top of t-shirts, collared shirts, long sleeved shirts, or turtle necks, sweater vests could be tucked into a skirt or pants or worn over-sized. You can find these at: Brandy Melville or Amazon.
Collared Shirts: Usually not worn alone but mainly under pieces of clothing, collared shirts are put under sweater vests, hood-less sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, over-sized t-shirts, etc. They are a nice accessory to simple outfits. You can really find them anywhere you look; on your favorite website to shop or Amazon for a cheaper option.
Monochrome Outfits: These types of outfits are definitely in right now and if paired with the right thing, it can make a big statement. Make the outfit cute and simple or dress it up a little. Popular colors to pair together are white, black, pastels, and nudes. You can find the satin shirt (picture 1) at: Lulu's -- The green set (picture 2) at: Havre Studio or find a similar one on Amazon -- The pink skirt (picture 3) at: Brandy Melville.
Layered Shirts: There are numbers of ways to layer shirts but the most popular is wearing a shirt under tank tops or t-shirts. This adds a little bit to an outfit and helps if it is colder out but you still want to wear that tank top sitting in your closet. You can find nice tank tops or shirts at Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Princess Polly, Nasty Gal, Forever 21, Lulu's, Nordstrom, or Windsor.
Patchwork Denim: These kind of pieces are statements that will catch the eye. Patch work can be anything from a bucket hat to a pair of jeans. People usually wear it as jeans, jean jackets, purses, hats, skirts, etc. The brown jeans are found at: Jaded London -- The blue jeans and jacket are found at: Jaded London
Bucket Hats: These have been a growing trend for the past year or two but are still a major fall trend. You really can't go wrong with a good bucket hat. They can be paired with almost everything and make every outfit look cute. They can be patterned or just a plain color. Some places to get nice bucket hats are: Champion, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Amazon, etc. Most stores you shop at will likely have some selection of bucket hats.
Masks: (Of course I had to include masks!!) Masks are relevant to 2020 Fall so they had to be addressed. Masks can be paired with any outfit at all and will look good too. Pair a solid color with a busy outfit or a patterned mask with a simpler one. Masks can be found anywhere you look from gas stations to your favorite designer brand. Some cute reusable masks could be found at: Amazon, Target, Forever 21, or can even be handmade easily. Just look up some Youtube videos and learn how to make one!
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