Nautical charts once indicated remote unchartered regions with the phrase “Here be the dragons". "That’s what MV Alucia is all about. We built her to go find the dragons.”

Conceived for ambitious and extended missions of global exploration and science, Alucia can operate in every region, from tropical to polar, and has done just that. A suite of advanced shipboard technology and submersibles enables Alucia to explore, map and sample a realm that is mostly unknown, even today. She is also outfitted with state-of-the-art film-making, communication and media capability.

Alucia is the consummate expedition ship. She combines the elegance and luxury of an ice classed superyacht with the capabilities of a modern oceanographic research ship. The staterooms are very spacious, light and airy, and the main salon has floor to ceiling windows enhancing the views from her luxury interior. Designed for ease of living and comfort even in the most extreme conditions, Alucia is in a class of her own

Asking Price:

USD 17,500,000






Naval Architecture

Kirilloff & Associates

Exterior Styling and Interior Design

Joseph Artese Design

What’s special about Alucia?

“Alucia can discover a new undersea volcano in the evening, map it overnight and have a detailed 3D map ready for a dive briefing in the morning”

  • Proven capability for diving, submersible and aerial operations
  • Heli pad and ice class
  • Aquarium with continuous supply of filtered seawater
  • Fully equipped mission control room
  • Media lab with top of the line post production equipment
  • Dive center with commercial dual-lock re-compression chamber
  • Yacht standard accommodation for 12 guests in 6 spacious staterooms
  • Designed for elegance and comfort at sea

To view the projects Alucia has conducted and chronicled, check out


Bridge deck

Upper Deck

Main Deck


Submersibles and some equipment shown are not included in the asking price


Photography - Jim Raycroft

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