A hummingbird is tiny but not all of them are small some are small or medium. They like to suck the nectar out of flowers and then they fly off to go to the next flower and so they can do the exact same thing they did with the first flower by sucking all of its nectar away. There are a lot of different kinds of humming birds in the world. Some of them can be so colorful while others can be dark and hard to see. And there wings can beat 55 to 57 times each second. Some humming birds are so pretty while others can possibly be at least very not pretty. A lot of people are bird watching and trying to see at least a few humming birds. Do you know why a humming bird migrates? Well they migrate to stay warm and to also move south during the winter day's. A humming bird mostly migrate because they want to find a warm place for laying eggs and so they don't die during the cold winter day's. And that's all about humming birds.


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