Travel the Globe 7th grade geography

Introduction: Are You Ready to Travel?

This is designed to teach 7th grade students about different places around the world. They will be designing their own passports, making a list of what to pack for their trip, creating an itinerary, visiting 3 places in Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, North America (outside of the United States), and 1 place in Antarctica, and creating a travel journal of the places they traveled. The journal will include at least 4 things they learned about each places including a picture they "took" in each place. Students should pay close attention to clothing styles, food, housing, agriculture, and money in each place they visit.

The OBJECTIVE of this assignment is that the student will understand how that the world is made up of regions that are very different from each other in terms of geography, culture, population, ethnicity, religion, food, and languages. The student will create a travel journal to document their progress through the continents. On the final page of this journal, the student will answer the essential question: What is the impact of climate and resources on culture?

The KSDE social studies standard that we will be working with is number 5: Relationships between people, place, idea, and environments are dynamic.


Pre-Trip Planning:

First, you have to create a passport so that you can travel from place to place. Passports will need to include the following:

Your name (first, middle, and last) and a recent picture of yourself. (It can be taken with the computer if you don't have one.)

Your date of birth and home address (house number, street, town, state, and country)

Enough space for each country to stamp when you enter and depart. (depending on how large the stamps that you create are, separate pages for each continent may be helpful).

Packing List: Next you will need to create a packing list. This will include 15 items that you will be taking on your trip with you.

When creating this list, make sure to think about the different climates you will be visiting and encountering. (rainy weather, hot weather, desert, jungle, etc.)

Create a collage of the items you are "packing". These could be pictures that you print off the internet, cut out from magazines, or hand-drawn.

In any order that you want, visit 6 out of the 7 continents (we will not be visiting the Artic). Use the internet and find 3 places of interest on each continent you visit. These places do not have to be in the same country.

Take a "picture" of each place you visit and keep it in a travel journal . Additionally along with this photograph, write 4 interesting things that you found out about each place.


Before we begin working through the process, let's watch this video to learn why we need a passport.

So, now that we know why we need a passport, let's create our own!

Your passport should include the following items.

1. Full Name (first, middle, and last)

2. Date of Birth

3. Address

Picture of yourself (either hand-drawn or a 2"x2" photo)

Pages for the stamps from each country you will be visiting.

Follow this link to see an example of how to create your own passport. I will have the materials needed on the table at the front of the room.

Packing List/Collage

Now that you have your own passport, we need a packing list. You will need to choose 15 items to take with you on your trip. Remember these items are going to be essential to your trip, so choose wisely. Don't forget to pack your camera for the pictures!

Visit the following website and read this person's guide to packing for a trip.

Now that you have finished your packing list, create a collage of the items that you have chosen. Materials will be provided such as newspapers, magazines, glue, scissors, glitter, colored paper, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. If you need anything besides these items, let the teacher know. Click the following link to learn more about the process of creating a collage as well as the different types of collages.

Itinerary (travel plan)

Now that you have everything that you are going to need for your trip, it's time to make a travel plan or itinerary. You need to create a list of where you want to visit. Remember you are going to be visiting 3 places in Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, and North America as well as 1 place in Antarctica.

Visit the websites below to help you choose where you want to go...

Now that you've chosen where you want to travel, create your itinerary by listing the order in which you want to visit. Start by listing the continents first, then the places on each continent.

Start traveling!

Now that you have your passport, you're packed, and have an itinerary, it's time to leave. Now remember: each time you enter and leave a country, your passport will get stamped. It's up to you to create this stamps so be creative!

Another important thing to remember is to take a picture and write in your travel journal as you visit each place. As you are traveling, look at the climate, language, people, culture, traditions, food, currency, geography, clothing styles, population, ethnicity, religion, and resources of each new place. Write at least 4 important or interesting things that you learn in each new place you visit.

On the final page of this journal, after you have visited each place and learned more about the people and their culture, you will answer the following essential question. What is the impact of climate and resources on culture? You need to write at least 2 paragraphs answering the essential questions. Grammar and spelling are important!

Watch this video to help you understand what climate means so that you know what to look for.

Grading Rubric for each component of this activity.

Now you are all finished with your travels! Great job! I hope that you have learned about many new and exciting places, researched intersting facts about different cities, countries, and continents, and kept a journal to help you remember all of this new information. You used all of these new information to help you answer our essential question of the project: What is the impact of climate and resources on culture? So now, hopefully you have become more informed about the world around you and are interested in learning more!

Great Job!!

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