The Little Droplet That Could By Hannah M. Kenney

"Hi my name is Alex. I have been told I have super powers but I don't believe it. Come and help me find out if I do or don't." This is were our story begins. Once upon a time in afar away cloud, there lived Alex and her grandpa. The rest of the family got rain down and Alex wanted to go down with grandpa. "Grandpa!" Called Alex. "Grandpa where are you." Alex called again. But to her surprise no one answered. Then she noticed that the clouds were getting as dark as night.

Wow she thought

The clouds started to rumble. I need to find grandpa and fast! She thought. If I don't then I will never see him again! She was starting to freak out. Alex loved her grandpa so much she even made a (pink and white) cloud into a heart.

"Grandpa!" Alex yelled.

"Ya?" Grandpa called back. Finally She thought. She ran up to grandpa.

"Come on. We are going to miss the rain." She exclaimed. It started to rain and down they went.

"Grandpa we made it!" She was so happy until. "Grandpa?" Alex wasn't so happy now. " Grandpa where are you "Grandpa! Please answer me!" But no one. The current pushed Alex along the water. After about 2 or 3 hours she made it into the water.

She saw some people that looked just like mom dad and her little brother. She swam up to them.

Alex had a big smile on her face. She saw grandpa, mom, dad and her little brother! She swam up closer. Alex was so happy to be reunited with her family again. "Grandpa I thought you didn't come down!" Alex exclaimed.

"I did, but I evaporated and then came back down just in the nic of time!" Alex was so happy she couldn't wait to see what her next adventure was going to be. Alex and her family went through many different cycles but still ended up back in the clouds together. Not every time they went together but they always knew they would meet back up in the clouds.

This gave Alex hope that anything is possible when you try and don't give up. "When the going gets tough," Alex would say to her little brother before he would go to bed, "all you have to do is try, try, try again and never give up." This always worked he never gave up. Alex met some friends and loved every minute of her life more then she did before. "Well," Alex exclaimed, "it looks like I don't have super powers but that hasn't stopped me." Alex smiled and looked down at her little brother. He was fast asleep. "Even though I don't have super powers I can still change the world." Alex went to her room and layer down. She slowly fell asleep.

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Hannah Kenney

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