About us by Langley forte' and JALON EMANUEL

Jalon likes playing basket ball because it is a fun and competitive sport.
Langley likes shoes because they comfortable and cool.
jalon likes to play video games, he plays on the play station 4.the games he play are 2K17, Call of duty, and GTA 5.
Langley likes to watch movies on his spare time. His favorite show is Empire
Jalon likes dogs because dogs are reliable, and great animals.
Langley likes turtles because they are cool and they can do funny stuff.


Created with images by Damian Morys Photography - "458 Italia." • uvlik05 - "basketball ball sport" • wenthevegan - "IMG_2896" • Alan Klim - "PS4 controller" • Mediocre2010 - "Netflix" • MLundback - "Dog" • Brad Montgomery - "Turtle"

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