Reflections on Philosophy Erica Quinones (unit 1)

January 19th, 2017

I am excited to question my own morals. I'd like to develop more insight into my own ideas as well as those of opposing ideologies to fully develop myself as a thinker. I'd also like to look into the changing philosophies of old and see how we as a society have changed in our thinking, what has stayed the same, and what has come full circle. However, I am worried that people may feel pressured into agreeing with each other despite having an opposing opinion and thus create an echo chamber.

To me, the phrase "The unexamined life is not worth living" means that a life in which you do not know why you do anything just that you have done something is not a real life. To understand why you've done anything is to understand yourself and to understand your goals. When you set goals and hit each one, you gain a sense of self-fulfillment which will make your life prosperous.

January 20th, 2017

  1. Be curious.
  2. Be skeptical.
  3. Never stop searching for wisdom.
  4. Analyse not just the question but what makes up the question.
  5. Put the evidence together.
  6. Explore all sides of the argument.
  7. Keep your beliefs flexible, do not become close-minded to new evidence or other beliefs.
  8. A simple explanation is OK.
  9. Do not be a hypocrite.
  10. Do not just live by these rules, fully accept these rules.

January 26th

Many of the philosophers of the time were canonized saints.

January 31st

I would have fallen in line with the teachings of Buddha because I tend to be in the middle of Confuacious and Laozi. I believe there needs to be structure in government similar to Confuscious and that you should allow fate to lead your life, but that does not mean the government has to follow traditional roles nor that you should prevent yourself from learning and obtaining knowledge. I appreciate the self-help message of Buddhism and its stress on becoming aware of the world around you.

Fabruary 2nd

I believe Socrates would define wisdom as constantly seeking knowledge. It's to be open minded of other possibilities and know you're ignorant but actively try to end your ignorance.

This idea can be applied in my life through research. Although I have my own personal beliefs and personal biases, I can examine why I believe in these ideas or feel this way and then look into why others feel differently than me. This way I can end my own ignorance about the other side, understand myself better, and perhaps change my mind on the better tactic.


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