The Conflict in Syria By: taylor parsons

More than 465,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting, more than a million injured and over 12 million Syrians have been displaced from their homes. Now the lack of freedom and economic has fueled the resentment of the Syrian government. Also global warming has been claimed to have a role in he uprising of 2011. The foreign backing and opening intervention has played a big role in Syria's Civil War. In October of 2015 the U.S has scrapped the controversial program so they could train the Syrian Rebels, it spent $500 million but they only trained 60 fighters. The United Nations was saying that fighting around Syria's capital cut off 300,000 from the humanitarian assistance and paused in the conflict are needed.

There is evidence showing that Assad regime and the Russian government are committing the crimes. These crimes are deliberate attacks on civilians, collective punishment, starvation, torture, murder, inhuman treatments the prisoners, also the use of chemical weapons. The criminal responsibility will only apply to those who are in chain of command. The private citizens can bring the civil cases against the foreign leaders in the U.S federal court system.
Continuing on, once the Syrian civil war ends, if new government ends up coming to power, then that government can also initiate its own justic and accountability process.
The violence is getting higher. The conflict is even more than just the battle between who is for and against Bashar Al Assad. The UN commission of inquiry has the evidence that all of the parties of the conflict have committed some war crimes that have occurred. The UN Security Council has de,added that all of the parties end the indiscriminate use of the weapons in the populated areas.
What Bashar Al Assad did was very wrong. He bombed Syria, and there's evidence that he and the Russian government committed the crimes. With everything there has been more than 465,000 Syrians killed. The Syrians don't have much food or shelter, they can't even trust their own government because of what occurred. They are even bombing the hospitals so the Syrians can barely get the medical help they need so they can stay alive. What Bashar Al Assad did isn't legal. He should pay for what he has done.
The U.S is responding by trying to help fix for what has occurred in Syria with the president Bashar Al Assad.
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