My Goals for 2017 DAVID MARTINEZ

SPECIFIC: My Short Term Goal is to Graduate High School and Walk Across The Stage.

MEASUREABLE: Try To Keep Getting Good Grades and Turn in my Community Service Hours.

ATTAINABLE: I will Start Paying More Attention in Class and Turn in My Hours.

REALISTSIC: Yes It is Because I Getting Good Grades, I'll do by Doing Better in all my Classes.

TIMELY: I Want to Start Getting Good Grades Right Now and Keep them For The Rest of the Year.

SPECIFIC: My Short Term Goal is to Get a Job by Next Week.

MEASUREABLE: Try To Apply Everywhere.

ATTAINABLE: Going in to Stores or Online and Applying.

REALISTIC: Yes It is Realistic Because There's a lot Of Stores Near me.

TIMELY: I Want to Get A Job As Soon As Possible.

SPECIFIC: My Short Term Goal is To Make at Least $3000 By the End of the School Year.

MEASUREABLE: By Working Hard At Work.

ATTAINABLE: Saving 10% of Every Paycheck I get and Asking for Extra Hours.

REALISTIC: Yes It Is Realistic Because I can Ask for Extra Hours Once I Get a Job.

TIMELY: Once I Get a Job and It Will Most Likely Be Within 2 Weeks


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