Collagraphs a collage of materials glued on to a "printing plate" then printed

Materials: Printing press, Pellon All Purpose Woven Fusible Interfacing, exacto knife, cutting board, scissors, iron, brayer, bench hook, palette knife, printmaking ink, printing paper, practice paper, sponge, paper towels.

For this project, a printing press is necessary to apply pressure to the inked surface to adequately transfer the ink onto the paper. I was unsuccessful printing the plate by rubbing the paper with a spoon.
Start with a sketch. Transfer the sketch onto the fusible web and cut out the shapes. Iron the shapes onto a base made of fusible web using parchment paper as a barrier between the iron and fabric.
With a brayer, roll the ink on a bench hook then roll the ink onto the plate. Place the plate ink side up on the registration sheet line up the paper and run through the press.
Pull the print.
Make many prints.
Cut up the plate. Get ready to add color.

This part is messy. Have a damp sponge available to wipe ink off of your finger tips while you work. Roll out the green ink onto the stem piece. Print the stem onto practice paper a few times to get the amount of ink right.

Place the stem piece ink side down onto the black print and roll it through the press.
Roll out the orange ink on the bench hook, then roll the orange onto the petal plate. On practice paper, print the orange petal ring a few times to get the correct amount of ink on the paper. Do not practice on the actual prints because it takes a few practice prints to get the ink right.
Roll out the yellow ink on the bench hook. Then roll the ink onto the seed head and print it on practice paper. Print the seed head onto the sunflower.
Sign and number your final prints.
Created By
Joy Schilling


Photos by Joy Schilling

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