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Small Unit Tactics, focused on rural areas. The course will span over 3 days of intensive activities. SUT, also known as 'Small Unit Tactics', is a field oriented training (green side). This training is mainly based on small unit capabilities within both defensive and offensive operations and other field requirements.

Our Rural Small Unit Tactics program is primarily designed to teach the basic concepts of low team capacities (individual to team) in woodland environment.

  • The course will focus on the employment of a small tactical team in open to dense forest environment.
  • The course is designed to teach and establish a efficient tactical level in both the individual and team level as well.


Start: Friday, 21:00

End: Sunday, 14:00

Location: Olesko, Czech Republic (30min from Prague)

Price: 250€

Recommended equipment:

  • eye protection
  • footwear
  • Comfortable tactical clothing or combat uniforms
  • ballistic plate carrier, vest or chest rig (not a must)
  • sleeping equipment (field beds are available!)
  • Airsoft Gun for the purpose of force on force validation.

*If you need an Airsoft gun, please contact us HERE so we can arrange it for you. Currently rental kits are 50€ for the whole duration of the course.

Accommodations included in the price !

The course modules.


  • Introduction to the woodland environment.
  • Setting up personal equipment, backpacks, etc.
  • Critical field-craft skills
  • Basic Land navigation and orientation
  • Principles of patrolling
  • Tact. Verbal & Physical communication
  • Tactical formations & movement in rural / open environment
  • Initiating / React / Break contact
  • Attack formations & procedures
  • Area reconnosence & observation methods
  • Preparation and conduct of LP/OPs (Listening Post/observation post)
  • Day / Night time scenarios (incl. FoF)
  • The course will include tactical scenarios in both day and night
  • Time to validate the learning material.


Admin Related.

  • Tactical cloths (BDUs, etc.)
  • Warm clothing
  • Boonie hat /hat
  • Spare cloths for change
  • Hygiene kit (tooth brush, etc.)
  • Bug repellent / sun cream
  • Pen & papers


  • Airsoft gun (contact us if u need)
  • Your tactical kit (chest rig / plate carrier)
  • Protection: gloves, kneepads, eye protection
  • Multitool / Knife
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • IFAK / Tourniquet (recommended)
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