when brain Robson when to go and see his father in the oil fields of Canada to go and see his father but his plane crashed in a river .
but now he is alone in a forest with know one to take care of him but then he has a flash back of the secret the divorce .
but all he needed his hatchet the hatchet was the thing that was for him to survive in the wild to live.
then Brian made spear to hunt the fish for food to survive .
then Brian made a shelter to sleep in .
and then Brian made a fire so he would not be cold but warm.
and then he shot the bird with the bow and arrow
and then a moose attacked him and hit his ribs.
and then a tornado hit the place and lift up the tail of the plane.
then the tornado hit the water and lift up the tail of the plane.
then brain whet to get the survival pack from the plane
and then he took out the transmitter and left it on.
then a rescue plane saved him and took him home.


Created with images by weeziggle - "Hatchet2." • andyarthur - "River" • Picography - "tree trunk forest floor trunk" • Benimoto - "Hatchet?" • jason-b - "CRW_3682.jpg" • RJenkins410 - "hunting shelter" • jameelwinter - "Fire" • Tattooed Hippy - "Male Marsh Harrier" • skeeze - "bull moose male wildlife" • skeeze - "tornado funnel twister" • cliff1066™ - "Pioneer UAV RQ-2A" • mrbill - "Old bag - Zitteli Z1 MOLLE Pack" • Wild Terrain - "Harvard 410T CB pair" • steve p2008 - "plane"

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