My Learning Journal David LeCates

This journal is for my video production and editing course in AdobeGEN. The first assignment is to simply create the journal for my course.

The first step was to create a 20-second video stating who I am, etc. I used my iPhone and emailed it to myself using Mail Drop. I then uploaded the video to my youtube account.

The second lesson was a little trickier for me. I am color blind so I am always unsure if anyone sees it the way that I see it. The intensity isn't always clear to me as some shades just blend in. It's hard to explain to someone that is not color blind. This was a fairly simple task but I learned some techniques in effects that I hadn't used before.

Class 2 assignment wasn't two hard. I didn't like the music I choose but just added something to complete the task. I still am not sure that I understand the intensity part of the assignment. I just like the dog in the car as my finishing shot. I understood most of the cuts and transitions but I don't think I have a good feel for what to use where. I also need a little more practice with the storyboarding concept. I understand but am just not used to that much planning on my videos. Most of mine have always been one basic shot edited. I can see how much better they would be with a multitude of different shots.

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