Technology in my Education Mary Katherine Clemens

My first memory of technology in the classroom includes an overhead projector used by my teacher. The projector was effective because the teacher could show how to complete a problem on a worksheet to the whole class.

In elementary school these TV carts were also used often and were very popular among the students because they meant we were going to watch a movie!

We also went to the computer lab a few times a week to practice typing. To start, we used different typing games to get used to the keys and as we advanced our teacher would mark out the keys with sharpies so that we couldn't tell which key it was and would have to have them memorized. This skill has proved to be very useful as I have progressed throughout my education.

Projectors came into the classroom in middle school and were very popular in the classroom because the teacher could portray to the class what was on his/her computer.

Next came the Smart Board which was very exciting for all teachers and students at first. However, it did not fully live up to it's expectations.

As I progressed through the upper grades of middle school and high school I began having assignments that required me to use my family's Dell desktop computer at home. When I turned 15 I was given my own red laptop which I then began to use for necessary assignments.

In college, technology became more prominent in every class I attended. Poll everywhere was used in many lecture classes, as well as Power Point in every class.

I now have a Macbook that I use for almost all assignments for classes, as well as emailing, job applications, and taking notes. Without my laptop, it would be very difficult to complete the necessary requirements for my classes at UNC.

I have had positive experiences with technology throughout my schooling. I believe that technology provides incredible opportunities for teachers to engage their students and help them learn in alternative ways to simply lecturing and taking notes.


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