We the People and all Creatures Great and Small

WE the people, by our votes, can make California better; hold our assembly district in more competent and tender care. Together we can implement a State-wide single-payer healthcare for every Californian. WE can enact greater respect, equal rights and justice for every women & man, immigrant, senior, LGBTQ, child, disabled person and people of color because we are stronger by our diversity, similarities and differences. WE can rebuild our district with our commonwealth in mind...good jobs on Main Street, in sustainable agriculture and in high tech, education and service industries beginning with net neutrality and broadband access in the rural and foothill communities.

Yes, we can lift the middle class and eradicate poverty, provide for higher incomes, secure retirements and lower taxes for working people while ensuring a social safety net. We can put more full time teachers, nurses and doctors, firefighters, and peace officer staff to work, provide for students and community safety & infrastructure with common sense approaches and have first class public education that is fully funded in California's Pre-K-College system.

Lastly, we can stabilize California with a healthy economy & beautiful environment with better forest management, clean water, clean air and healthy soils and better land use planning with more affordable housing and cleaner energy that works for all of us. Yes, we the people can be happier, when our Democracy works for all of us and not the few already wealthy folks like my opponent and his special interests donors.... and we can make the changes needed to get more peace of mind and a little more bliss in our lives! This is how powerful our votes are, we we come together for our commonwealth and well being of all the people. Please join me and do not settle for less and another six years of do nothing votes in your State Capital. I aim to be your Assemblywoman with your full support and blessing and if you give me a chance the next two year term, I will work hard to implement the changes mentioned above and more to earn your trust. If I cannot do so, then boot me out in two years and vote in a better candidate.

Together, we can make California better!

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