Earth hour 2017 Transform lives with us.

Transform lives with us.

How to take part in Earth Hour 2017

You don't really need to do something big And major in order to take part. A small contribution goes a long way, especially if done everyday.

Here are (daily) little ways you can help out:

1. Stop using straws.

2. And don't drink from one-use plastic cups.

3. Don't use tissues, unless you really need to.

4. Buy your groceries on a Saturday (Paper Bag Day).

It takes a few minutes to use a plastic bag, but once discarded it takes up to 1,000 years for the bag to degrade, filling up garbage dumpsites, unlike paper or a bayong made of leaves which decomposes.

-- Doris & Jose

5. Even better: bring your own bag when buying groceries, any day of the week.

6. Also, bring your own water bottle so you don't need to buy those P10 (or P12) 350-ml plastic bottled water. There are many "hug-hug" refilling stations around, and you'll only need P2 for 500-ml. Win-win!

7. Throw your trashes properly (yes, that means not on the roadside or your ex's mouth).

No dumping please!

8. Walk if your destination is near (bonus: you can save money, plus get a little bit of exercise. Yay! Just bring an umbrella if it's too hot outside.)


9. If you have a bicycle, use it (I'm jealous).

10. Use public transportation if you're going somewhere far.

Or if the jeepney's not your thing, carpool with your friends!

Your friends don't have cars? Try apps like Wunder and uberPOOL.

11. If you haven't yet, sign the different environmental campaigns. You can find them with the WWF people at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

Reminder: One signature can change the entire world.

12. Switch off your lights for at least an hour.

We're doing it together at 8:30PM today.

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