Stanley Paradise A Poem by Jeremy R. Page, age 11

Beyond the free meadows of golden Sand-hill Cranes.

Sharp-pointed Sawtooth Mountains being capped with crystals.

Sharp- Pointed Sawtooth Mountains

Sunsets dawning with a florescent appearance. Rainfall, turquoise, of many scents.

Lonely cabins patched with snow. Wildflowers, gleaming aside silver, sea green sages on hillsides.

Wild Flowers Amongst Peaceful Grasses ... Leah Lake Reflections

Elk in the distance, of peaceful grasses. Streams, wild streams, flow gracefully in welcoming open lands.

Bighorn sheep, standing on steep, narrow ridges. Seeing its massive horns stand out against blue skies.

Wild Graceful Salmon River

Sand shores of Redfish Lake, reflect goldenly with the sun. Castle Peak, of great boulders, seems undisturbed.

Its Mountain Goats climb on steep landforms of danger. Thundering deer run briskly into patches of green.

Sandy Shores Redfish Lake ... Lunkers from Torquoise Waters ... Streams Gracefully Welcoming Open Lands

Herds of Antelope stare mysteriously into one's eye. Ospreys strike the Salmon River fiercefully.

Old zigzagging fences cross the heart of Stanley. Ruby thorn bushes cluttered with Finches, Chickadees, and Juncos.

Old Zigzag Fences ... Steep Landforms of Danger- Goat Lake

The immense White Cloud Range takes over the skies.

Immense, Undisturbed White Cloud Range

(Cover photo of Leah Lake; photos by Kerry R. Page)

jeremy r. page. 12/96. age 11