3D Printing By Jose

The way I got my idea was thinking about what I was going to design and then I thought about my favorite Pokémon Mudkip or as the meme. The story behind why I picked this one is it was Black Friday the 2 day my parents picked out what they wanted and I wanted to pick out something but didn't know what to pick so I went to the games sections to see what they had I saw omega ruby and alpha sapphire i bought omega ruby the line was so long took 1 hour I also got a Luigi amiibo I smelled the plastic of the game before opening it I started my 3ds and started playing not gonna talk about story the starters where Treckoo, Torchic, and Mudkip there was something special about it it looked so cute and had potential so I picked it he destroyed every gym once the game was done it showed the credits and the progress I did and I was really happy to have chosen Mudkip

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