The Uplift Cafe a virtual social networking event for your soul

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If you are like hundreds of people that have connected with me recently - your spirit is ready for a lift!

Enough tiring sales networking that leaves you with lost time and no new clients.

Let's put it all aside and join us at The Uplift Cafe. The social networking event for your soul.

Register to join us on Saturday 18th December 2021 at 3:00pm EST | 4:00pm AST | 8:00pm GMT

Grab your beverage and treat of choice

Prepare to engage in active social networking with a difference! The podium will be shared with attendees who wish to share their stories of triumph over challenge.

There will be no sales pitches or business chatter. We will gather to encourage, uplift and motivate. We will celebrate, laugh, and maybe shed a tear of gratitude.

Want to share your story to lift someone else's spirit? Reach out by email: hello@feliciarickards.com to submit your request.

Let us lift you up - YOU DESERVE IT!

Event protocol is included on the registration page.

HOSTED BY FELICIA RICKARDS, Thinker - Seer - Actuator

Created By
Felicia Rickards