Tell a Story Krystal Van Dyke

Tell a Story

This picture is telling a story. This is my sisters corsage from prom. This is telling a story because her prom dress was blue and her corsage was blue. Also this is saying that she got asked to prom and that she spent time and money on getting ready for prom.
This picture is also telling a story. The team that was shooting was Nebraska Attack. Some girl on Iowa Express fouled her and the girl from Nebraska Attack is shooting. The girls may be blurry but that is not what the focus of the picture is. The focus of the picture is the girl shooting and the basketball hoop.
My last photo for tell a story is Cayler Noun Harder. This is telling a story because she is doing a no handed cartwheel, which is also known as an aerial. She has done gymnastics for a long time and she decided awhile ago that she didn't want to do that her whole life. She has had a lot of experience with these cool tricks.

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