Agriculture Project by Codi Schminkey

First agricultural revolution

The First Agricultural Revolution was the transition of humans from hunting/gathering to sedentary agricultural production of domesticated plants and animals. The first recorded evidence of the First Agricultural Revolution occurring is in the Fertile Crescent, a region in the Middle East that includes most of Iraq during the 11,000 B.C. Humans began settling in to single areas and began cultivating the land, planting crops, and raising animals. The crops became domesticated as humans continued their use and animals became tame enough to be used for easy meat and pets/companions. Without sedentary living and agriculture, most societal changes and technological innovations would not of been possible.

The first plant to be grown by humans, wheat.

Second Agriculture Revolution

The second Agriculture Revolution was a revolution that would move agriculture beyond subsistence to generate the kinds of surpluses needed to feed thousands of people working in factories instead of in agricultural fields. The second agricultural revolution was composed of a series of innovations, improvements, and techniques in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, and other neighboring countries.

Third Agriculture Revolution

The Third Agriculture Revolution was an international effort that was planned to eliminate hunger by improving crop performances. This plan provided new practices that allowed farmers to produce more of the same product within the same amount of land. This meant that the farmers could get more out of their land than they used to. This rapid diffusion of more productive agriculture techniques occurred throughout the 1970s and the 1980s


A GMO is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans.


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