Roller Coaster Design Process By:Zhiro Jalal

Define the Problem: The roller coaster has to be free standing and portable and we have to see the marble at all times, the marble can not be airborne. The marble that represents the car on the track must stay in contact with the track all the way to the paper cup.

Generating concepts: building a 90 degree turn, 180 degree turn, and a 270 degree turn. And when building we are going to use the swimming noodles in order to make the track and make some obstacles.

Develop solution: we gathered materials to make the roller coaster such as pipe insulators, boxes (all size), and bottles. The points to earn were designing a 90 degree turn and 180 turns and also we are making a cool theme for our roller coaster by boxes of any size, drawing of cows and colors of a tornado and having a tornado siren. We also planned to how we can build the roller coaster, we start the roller coaster by starting on the top and the marble is released to go it goes through a loop and two 90 degree turns and one 180 degree turn and goes through a bottle top and swirls, at the end it makes its way to the cup.

Construct and test a prototype: our prototype performed the loop process as well as the 90/180 degree turns, and the usability of our roller coaster was the pipe insulators that acts like a track of a coaster, also the durability of this coaster was the different turns it took on some turns it had a little bit of pressure that made the marble fly out of the tracks and hit the ground and we didn't let that happen; so we alternated the turns and we placed them at another location which best fits the the way the marble is running.

Evaluate solution: my pun saying of improvements would be just having more time for this project and also not move on to something else rapidly when the thing before that is not accomplished.


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