Revolutions in technology By: Thaddeus schaff

Past: The Industrial Revolution


Coal and Iron were discovered creating a lot of jobs. In addition coal was used to invent things such as: Stream boats. Also, there were machines created to help make work more efficient such as the flying shuttle.

Technology developments

A big industry that got a boost was transportation: machines like; steam boats, steam engines and roads.

Positive and negative effects on society

The industrial revolution brought many negatives such as: it encouraged child labor, because they would take advantage of orphans. Also, the working conditions were poor and dangerous causing many deaths. That said it wasn't all bad ask the revolution brought money, new inventions that made jobs more efficient and there was a population boost. Population is important because it helped fill jobs that needed to be filled, which helped production which brings in money.

Present: Digital revolution


Social media has had a major effect on the revolution because people can now easily support others through websites like patrion. In addition social media is a way of advertising and a way of starting trends, which can help businesses and technology.

Technology developments

Everyday you hear about new ideas or inventions such as the newest iPhone or some crazy virtual reality. That said major inventions in the digital revolution have been: smart phones, virtual reality, new energy saving cars, voice control and 1080P laptops and iPads.

Pros and cons of digital revolution

Texting has changed the way of communication in a good way, you can now contact anyone at any moment in time. That said, phones can be addicting and can hurt your eyes, permanently!

Future: Travel and transportation


People such as Elon Musk and Neil DeGrase Tyson have inspired others to find new ways to travel and live our daily lives. For instance, Space X (Musk's company) have just successfully landed a space rocket... and yes I mean land on Earth after their mission.

Technology developments

Soon we will know of habitable planets and see where our astronauts can go. In addition, we may one day be able to drive flying cars!

Pros and cons

While admittedly flying cars is a really cool and potentially fast way of travel. In addition it would make ground traffic a thing of the past, making room for new houses and buildings. it would most likely be very unhealthy for the environmental.

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