Lake Cottage Romane Julie Maud Berthelot - Frankard

Coach V. want a small cottage for his family. My job was to create a cottage with the maximum of 100 meters squared. I had to make 3 blueprints with a side view, front view and a birds eye view. I made a maquette on tinkercad and calculated the costs. Lets see how I did.

Bird's eye view
Front view
Left side view


Calculations of the Surface area :

The surface area of all the faç


Paint calculations. I calculated the whole surface area then subtracted the area of each window and door.
This is the second time I do my calculations, and I've used different calculation methods. Therefore this is more precise. For the roof calculations, I used the Pythagoras theorem. For the heating, I calculated the volume, multiplied it by the price per cubic meter then multiplied it by the three months. (December - January - February)



I have a high roof home. I quite like it because it makes a small space look bigger. You could even have triple bunks. But the problem was the heating cost. I have one more economical saving; you can save up your electricity bill and paint bill thanks to huge windows that take care of lighting. Also you can enjoy the view. Now in the real world the window frames would be extremely expensive. The total price is 3320 euros. A big mistake I've made is probably the 5 meters height. I think in the future, I would make the height 3 meters high. The price would be much lower. In conclusion, I think that this cottage could have been more cosy but that if this was real, the view would be enjoyed.


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