Charon spirit daimon

Charon was the son of Erebos and Nyx.Charon was the ferryman of the dead. He was a daimon (spirit) at the service of King Haides. His fee was a single obolos coin which was placed in the mouth of the corpse upon burial. Those who had not received proper burial were unable to pay the fee and were left to wonder the earthly side of Akheron, hounting the world as ghosts. He was a daimon that had to travel through 2 rivers to take all the spirits to the underworld. He would only do his job in exchange of an oblong.

I feel like Charon was strong, brave and loyal. Charon was brave because he had to transport all the spirts, and he was strong and loyal he stayed and he did what he was asked to do. He didn't betray the king, he was a strong Brave, loyal server. Ancient Greek values loyalty of there servers.

I feel that the theme/lesson is that no matter what you are you are always important, everyone has different jobs and all of them are important.

Charon was Brave most people now in days would never do what he did.





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