Truck YA By:Hunter B. Harris

The purpose of this community is if you are country our love country "if you love your welcome to come on in".

The goal to this place is to get away from all them city slickers, there will be good education here but the main reason to come is to get out of the city and see the out doors.

no shoes

No cars

No rich people

You have you have a gun permit to cary

you have to need 4 wheel drive (Truck)

Any toy is allowed dirt bike,four wheeler, etc

The only laws you have to follow when your in Truck ya are mine when out you listen to trump.

If you bring a friend that's girl our boy they have to by country.

If you disobey these rules you will be throne in prison and horrible food.

You can not shoot any one if you do prison time for you.

Daily schedule:1:00 sleep,2:00 sleep,3:00 sleep, 4:00 sleep, 5:00 wake up get your cloth on, 6:00 Feed the cows,6:30 eat breakfast, 7:30 clean/pickup chicken coop/eggs, 8:00 feed pigs,9:00 feed the houses/water, 10:00 go plow filled's, 12:00 eat lunch,1:00 brush horses, 2:00 chop hay fills, 4:00 pick/plant garden,5:30 fill the muchines with gas. 6:00 shower.6:25 get out dry off, and get in pj's,6:30 cook dinner with wife,7:30 eat,8:00 get in bed, 8:30 hopefully be asleep,9:00 sleep,10:00 sleep, 11:00 sleep, 12:00 sleep.

The type of government in this community is Oligarchy Because the only people who would be in charge is me,Oakley,Jentrey,Holly,Troy,Brady,Alicia,Schaefin, and Veronica.

"Come on in live here your kids and you will have the time of your life there will be great education lots of freedom but some days you work all day long but it go's by fast".


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