Is social media having a positive impact on the lives of freshmen at PRHS? Is the use of social media affecting the freshmen in a positive way at PRHS?

At Paso Robles high school social media is a big part of the students lives. 106 freshmen were surveyed on the topic, and 72% of the freshmen that were surveyed said that social media is having a positive effect on them at PRHS. Freshmen generally believe that social media is having a positive effect on them, because the environments that they have started are supportive and bolstering. They feel that they should be able to just go on like instagram, snapchat or facebook to look at pictures and talk with friends. “In a survey conducted by CNN, “one in five teens in the United States say social media makes them feel more confident.”

Most of the freshmen at Paso High School are saying social media is having a positive effect on them and are trying to ignore the bad things on the internet and are focuses more on the positive things. 52% of teens also say social media helps their relationships with friends(CNN). 17% of PRHS freshmen because students here are always on their phones and they need to focus more on school than on surveyed said its having a negative effect on them. One freshmen said “its having a negative effect on us social media.”

According to studies, The negative effects social media is having is cyber bullying mainly. Twenge's research found that teens who spend five or more hours per day on their devices are 71 percent more likely to have a risk factor for suicide. Teens these days can do pretty much anything on social media. Some kids can be hurt by just a few words.A PRHS freshmen stated in a survey, “This will change one day and that the internet will be a safe place, and no one will be afraid to go on the internet to talk with friends, post pictures, and watch YouTube.”

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