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History of Wooden toys

Wooden toys have been found by archaeologists before christ in Cyprus in Egyptians and Romans tombs. Ever since their invention they have been a most loved toy for millions of children across the world.

Did you know LEGO before they became the giant corporate company of today, they started off as a wooden toy manufacture

Types of Wooden Toys

Education & Construction

Wooden toys have been used for years by the educational system to keep children interest whilst teaching them invaluable skills such as maths, english, skills on how to problem solve, build and be creative are just a few.

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Wooden toys have been making children childhoods for centuries and still do today, they provide an affordable alternative to mainstream toys of today such as lego, disney and action figures. Wooden toys made well can last years and years staying with someone throughout their life and can even be made at home by their parents, all they need is some wood and a knife.

Watch the video below to learn how to make wooden toddle toys

Most wooden toys will be entertaining and educational as this is the main appeal to parents, for their children to have fun whilst learning. Click the button below to read a blog on why.

Benefits Of Wooden Toys

1. Wooden toys encourage children to be imaginative. Wooden toys give children the ability to take control. While some wooden toys come in the shape of vehicles, food, or common household items, they still encourage children to use their imaginations to incorporate them into learning and play. Other wooden educational toys come in basic shapes, such as sticks, blocks, arcs, triangles, and circles. These basic shapes allow children to really explore their uses and come up with creative ways to use them in different subject areas.

2. Wooden toys encourage interaction wooden toys don’t come with sounds, lights, or other interactive features, children must find others to interact with them.

3. Wooden toys improve hand-eye coordination, because of their more basic shapes, wooden toys also help children build hand-eye coordination. Activities such as building towers out of wooden blocks, carefully placing the pieces so the towers don’t topple over, or threading a string through a series of wooden beads, require children to pay attention to distance and placement.

4. Wooden toys are safe as children manipulate the wooden toys, you don’t have to worry much about their safety because wooden toys are designed to be safe. Most wooden toys won’t break easily,

5. Due to wooden toys being so durable they grow up with the child and as your child’s skills and mental abilities grow, the uses for wooden toys also grow.

Where To Buy Wooden Toys

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