The story behind Aberdeen's 17ft snowman

Arguably one of Aberdeen's most iconic snowman of the past 100 years, this giant creation was constructed by four friends in the Winter of 1963. In 2012 the people people behind the snowman met up in Aberdeen.

An appeal by an American woman to find a group who built a giant snowman almost 50 years ago has been successful.

Victoria Aitken, 54, from Florida, was just five years old when she heard about a 17ft snowman, built in Aberdeen.

The snowman was the creation of Roddy Stuart, then aged 16, his brother Michael, 21, sister Leslie, 18, and her boyfriend David Leslie, 20.

Pictures of the snowy creation travelled as far as a local newspaper in Setauket in New York state.

Victoria wrote a letter addressed to snowman builder Roddy.

She received a reply from Roddy, along with an article from the Evening Express and two photographs.

After finding the letter recently she appealed for the snowman builders to get in touch.

Members of the group contacted the Evening Express after seeing the story.

David Leslie, now 69, and a dad-of-two and grandad-of-four, described the article as a “cold blast from the past”.

The former architect said: “We are all retired and still alive – and yes I did marry my girlfriend Leslie.”

David and Leslie Leslie now stay next door to Leslie Castle, Leslie, near Insch.

Michael and Roddy Stuart also got in touch by e-mail.

It took Roddy and the rest of the group the afternoon and most of the evening of Wednesday, January 2, 1963, to build it.

Michael, 71, a retired engineer in Westhill, said: “I was very surprised to hear about the snowman after all these years.

“I never imagined people would be looking at it across a continent or that I would be hearing it again now.”

In her original letter to Roddy, Victoria wrote: “Dear Roddy, I thought you might be happy to see how far your talents have reached in this wonderful world of ours.”

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Original article printed on September 18 2012, written by Karen Roberts. Pictures by Aberdeen Journals Ltd