What is Essential Rewards? Guided by Stephanie Knowlton

Hey everyone!! I am so excited you are joining us!! We are going to share about Essential Rewards and why it is one of our favorite things Young Living has to offer. Check out the information, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have and for the full details go to your virtual office and click on Member Resources and check out all the info in there about Essential Rewards.
What is Essential Rewards? It is a hassle free monthly customizable goody box. There are NO STRINGS attached and you earn points towards FREE products! Between the discounted shipping and earning points towards free stuff on each order, Essential Rewards definitely gets you the most bang for your buck if you are ordering often. I love it because I have to refill certain oils ( like Lavender and Thieves) often so this helps me not to run out while earning points to splurge on big PV items like Wolfberry Eye Cream or 3 Wise Men EO.
So you know how they have the Shave club, makeup and nail polish boxes that get shipped to you every month, and you get to pick your product? This is just like that! You get to choose what you want in it every month. You can switch the products in and out as much as you like till midnight on your processing day. It is super flexible and you cater it to your needs. You can pick your day, and switch days every month if you necessary. For example most months I set it for the 27th, but around the holidays I put it for the 1st so I have all of my oily gifts here in time. Discounted shipping for Fedex Ground. PLUS if you order enough to get the promos you get a BONUS oil in your ER order!! MORE FREE STUFF!! Essential Rewards is how you earn points on what you purchase to get FREE product. It is only 1 order per month and it must be at least 50pv. PV … What in the world is that? It stands for Personal Volume. It is what YOU personally order. Most products are equal PV to the cost, however there are a few things that are not. Always double check you are meeting the PV requirement for your order. Ex. Lavender is $23.50 and 23.50PV, Protein powder is $65.00 and 52PV.
Maybe you’re not the type to commit to a long term relationship, and that’s okay! Essential Rewards has NO contract. Seriously, there are really no strings attached. You can cancel at any point you need to. I think this is a great thing! Sometimes life happens and you can’t do something you used to. Just make sure to use your ER points BEFORE you cancel, or else you will loose them. Cancelling is as easy as calling customer service at 1-800-371-3515.
With this NEW Essential Rewards program we now get GIFTS for staying on ER!!! You will receive a free gift in your ER order after months 3, 6, 9, and 12. If you miss a month on ER and have to start over but have already received a gift for a month, you will not get that gift again. For example: You get the 3 month gift but missed month 4. Once you restart your ER, you will not receive another gift until you have completed 6 continuous months on ER.
Who doesn’t love cheaper shipping?? We are all so spoiled by Amazon Prime, and free shipping let’s be real!! Haha. This is an exclusive perk for Essential Rewards Members. In the FedEx shipping option it has FedEx Ground Reduced shipping for $6.98 up to 5lb. After that it is $0.63 per pound. So that is the best option to choose. Remember there is processings time for Young Living (1-2 days) and then shipping is in Business days! So plan accordingly. I would like to offer a suggestion for shipping, DO NOT pick FedEx Smartpost!!! It is the slowest option they have and it usually takes the full 10 business days to arrive. I would choose the YL mail option instead of the smartpost. Speaking from experience here, and I am not that patient when I need my oils! Haha
HERE is the breakdown of the points you will earn back!! How you get FREE STUFF!! Months 1-3 you will earn 10% of your order Months 4-24 you will earn 20% of your order Months 25+ you will earn 25% of your order The % back comes from what your PV is, not the dollar amount. Check out the graphics for a visual on what you earn. 100pv order at 10% would be 10ER points. I like to save my points up for the expensive oils I need, like Frankincense. Just in case you need to return something those ER points will be forfeited. But that will never happen! ;) So for example if you order 100pv at 10% you get 10ER points, 190PV at 10% you get 19ER points and the Freebies, 250pv at 10% you get 25ER points and the Freebies, 300PV at 10% you get 30ER points and the Freebies
These are one of the many amazing Benefits of Essential Rewards. Here are the ER kits that Young Living offers: Ningxia Red (#4893), Thieves (#3697), Balance (#4729), Everyday (#4731) Oils, Home (#4726), Lifestyle (#4730), and Wellness (#4727) Essential Reward Kits. You do NOT have to order an ER kit in order to sign up for ER - these kits are just an added bonus that is available to you if you are apart of the program and want to take advantage of the ER kit deals! The best part about these ER kits is that you get a discount on the product if you order the kit. For example the Ningxia Red kit is $181.50 and it comes with 4 bottles of Ningxia Red and 30 singles. Buying a 4 pack is $127 and 30 singles is $84.50= $211.50 for them. That is $30 off with the ER kit. So if you use Ningxia Red like we do this is the best deal!! Now you see why I order this one!! And if you add on a bottle of orange or cedarwood you can hit the Promos and get FREE oils!! BOOM baby. I love this because you get lots of Ningxia, so I don’t have to make a big order every month.
How do I redeem points? It is super simple! You always have the option to call in a order, but I love to make a QUICK ORDER online. I pick my oils or products and then use my ER points to pay for those specific products. At the top of the final checkout page you will see where it says ER points. Click on that and you will be able to apply the points to the products you want. You have to have the same (or more) amount of ER points as PV of the products to apply ER points to your order. For example, If you only had 22ER points, you could NOT order a Lavender since you would have less points than the 23.50PV. Also, keep in mind that ER points do not cover shipping costs. What Products can you get? Anything that has matching PV and Cost $$. Therefore, you can buy a bottle of Lavender with your ER points because it is 23.50PV and $23.50.That covers it exactly. Diffusers, and a few other products are excluded from this because their PV and cost do not match.
When can I redeem points? You can redeem points after being on Essential Rewards for 3 months. As long as you are in or past your 3rd month, you can use them at any time. You can redeem up to 350ER points per month. ER points expire after 12 months - assuming you waited that long to use them. Mine never last more than 3-4 months before I cash in on FREE products! :)
MONTHLY PROMOS!!! MORE FREE STUFF... WHAT?!? Ok, so let's talk about the Monthly Promotions that Young Living does. Every month promos are announced on the 1st, and they are different each time. In order to get the promo, you have to have the PV in 1 single order. You won’t get the 300PV promos if you make three 100PV orders over the course of the month. There are 4 levels of promos- 100pv (ER only), 190PV, 250PV and 300PV. With each level you get extra items. Anyone can earn the promos, but when you put in a promotional sized ER order, you get a BONUS oil just for being on Essential Rewards. Being on Essential Rewards also allows you the option to get the Promos 2 times. 1 time on ER and 1 time in a quick order. So say you put in your ER order and got the promos, then you had some family and friends who needed some oils, you could place another big oil and get the promos a second time aka MORE FREE STUFF! Check out this awesome Video explaining the Promos-
Some of my all time favorite oils are in this list!! Christmas Spirit, it is my favorite oil to diffuse. Lime and Orange are must haves, diffusing, in food and just to boost your mood. Lemongrass and Citronella you are going to want for bug spray this spring/summer. I could go on and on. If you are looking for a new and inexpensive oil to try here it is! And check out the NEW Vitality line!!
This time we are giving away a sample of Thieves Cleaner!! This stuff is amaaazing!! LIKE WHOA. I will be honest when I first bought it to try I thought this will be great for the bathrooms and stuff, but no way it will work on the glass. So I tried it and was totally shocked that it was amazing on glass. It worked just as good as windex. Mind Blown. To enter this giveaway comment something you have learned about Essential Rewards in this class.
You heard that right, no more skip month on Essential Rewards. While this might be a little bummer the positive changes are WAYYYY better. I mean we start earning 20% at month 4, that is incredible!! So here is the deal, if you miss a month you will be restarting the Essential Rewards program. That means you will start back at month 1 earning 10%. You will loose all your previous ER points. SO, you better go redeem them quick if you know you won’t be doing an ER order one month.(I have heard that you will not lose your points, but you must be on ER to redeem them) Also, that means it is VERY important to keep up with your Essential Rewards order. Make sure you keep up with your credit cards (They expire), your address (if you move), and check on it the day after it processes. I also suggest checking on it the day your order processes. Sometimes oils go out of stock and that can make you fall below the 50pv minimum. Which, if you do not catch it right away would not count for the ER order because it doesn’t meet the requirement. Make sure you have PV assistant set up! This will help you out if something goes out of stock and it makes you go under the 50pv minimum. Check out the FAQ in the Virtual Office under Member Resources
PV assistant is SUPER important if you don’t want to lose your ER points. PV Assistant is a feature that will automatically keep your order above whatever PV you specify in the event that an item goes out of stock at the last minute. Now that there is no grace month, if an item in your order goes out of stock at the last minute and you don’t catch it before it processes, you will lose whatever ER points you have already earned and have to start back at the 10% tier. SO SAD!! Luckily, PV Assistant can keep that from happening. REMEMBER every month you will need to check this and make sure it is set for the correct PV amount. Jan= 300pv for that peace and calming, Feb=100pv for the ER bonus oils.
Check out the video with some of my ER hacks and favorite items to get on Essential Rewards If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to ask here in the comments!!

And I wanted to list the “Fab 14” oils. These are some of the most popular oils outside of the kit



Aroma Siez




Cinnamon Bark


Tea Tree

Idaho Balsam Fir

Dragon Time

Exodus II


Ylang Ylang

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