Week 3 Virtual Learning natural disasters/catastrophic events

Welcome to Week 3 of Virtual Learning! This week I included a video guiding you on how to locate your resources. You also have a joke of the week! Read the directions carefully and complete all items in order .

Our lesson this week is on Catastrophic Events/Natural Disasters/Extreme Weather. You will be looking at events that change the ecosystem. This lesson will prepare you for the next unit on Ecological Succession.

All of your resources are available in your Google Classroom. For this lesson, you will be utilizing Science Flix, BrainPOP.com and Natural Geographic video clips. There are several hyperlinks that will guide you to the videos.

Your graded assignment will be your choice of one out of four activities available in Science Flix, Extreme Weather, Science Labs.


Created with an image by NOAA - "Alaska 1964 Good Friday earthquake damage."