Harn Museum of Art Morgan Prezzano

Gift of Rod McGalliard, Face Mask, 20th century, wood, pigment, fabric, cowrie shells, beads, and feathers, Harm Museum of Art, Florida

A piece of art that really caught my attention in the Harn Museum of Art was the Face Mask of the Kuba people. I was so intrigued by this piece because it was created using pieces of the earth such as wood, shells, and feathers. Seeing it in person made me realize that these people from the Democratic Republic of Congo were able to use the simple resources around them to create such a sacred mask for ceremonies. The simplicity of the medium contrasts with the bold statement that the mask makes; the eyes and hair of the mask scared me at first when I saw it but now I feel like it is just apart of their culture and I appreciate it's differences.


The whole museum was set up in a way that made every exhibit peak my interest and I loved how it was separated by region. The wing that really jumped out at me was the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. One thing that I love in houses and buildings is authenticity and that's what I feel when I see wood, stone or brick. The fact that the whole exhibit was covered from ceiling to floor in wood and that it was brightened by the natural light coming from the window made the room so open and gave me the feeling that I was outdoors. I was immediately drawn to the two pieces of art made of stone that were placed in the center of the room; it was a brilliant choice made by the designers because it turned out beautiful.

Anatomically Correct Oscar Billboard, 2002, Print, Harn Museum of Art, Florida

Unchain the Women Directors Billboard, 2006, Print, Harn Museum of Art, Florida

The pieces "Anatomically Correct Oscar Billboard," and "Unchain the Women Directors Billboard," speak to my core value of equality. In this sense I would say that it makes me want gender equality in all walks of life; in the job market, in college, and by doing away with the double standards between men and women. I have never seen an Oscar depicted as a white male so it caught my attention by making a major statement about the inequalities between men and women in the acting field. Not only did these two pieces make me desire more gender equality in this world but it really just made me want more equality in general. I am really dedicated to the club Best Buddies that focuses on integrating those with developmental and intellectual disabilities into every day activities, and this made me really think about how they are also faced with incredible obstacles and that this should be talked about just as much as feminism or gender equality.

George Grosz, Manhattan, 1946, oil on board, Harn Museum of Art, Florida

Emil Ganso, Central Park Winter, 1926, oil on canvas, Harn Museum of Art, Florida

What is the Good Life? That seems like the popular question this semester. These two separate oil paintings convey two good life themes from Thoreau; "Men have become tools of their tools..." and the need for simplicity. The work "Manhattan" conveys modern New York City after World War II where industrialization and tall skyscrapers fill the view. To me, it conveys a sense of busyness and never ending clutter that makes me think about all of the people that fill those buildings who perform their obligations with out thinking about the world around them. On the other hand, the piece "Central Park Winter," shows another side of New York that contrasts with the industy of "Manhattan". The latter demonstrates the Good Life theme of simplicity because it depicts calmness and someone who is being one with nature. Seeing these two pieces next to each other help my understanding of both of these themes because it shows them in a modern way and in the same city. Thoreau would definitely feel more at peace in the Central Park New York.

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