Charge Running: Virtual Race Partnerships

Why Virtual Racing?

The answer is simple, virtual races offer more opportunity for runners to participate. More participation results in more revenue, increased race awareness, stronger partnerships, wider reach and global impact. Is your event sold-out? With virtual racing you never sell out.

Why Charge Running?

  • Charge Running is the ONLY platform to offer a LIVE virtual races with real-time feedback.

What does that mean?

  • Your virtual racers make their own course! They log onto the Charge Running app and race together! They will all be ranked on a live leaderboard; the feel of live racing, with the social distancing we currently need.

What does this include?

  • Pick of date, time, distance of your virtual race
  • Real time DJ, that can create playlists that are best for you race!
  • Live leaderboard with in-real-time updates
  • Race results emailed directly to you
  • Social experience for every runner, including a chat room to chat with every other racer
  • Invite indoor and outdoor runners. We are treadmill friendly!


  • Put your run "On-Demand" so racers can run for up-to two weeks and earn their medal
  • Market your race with us with our organically grown network of over 50K runners
  • Sell Advertising and plug-in commercial shout-outs
  • Be a featured event on our landing page
  • Printable Race Bib
  • Dual Coaching Experience


  • Varies based on size of race and distance. For more information email julie@chargerunning.com
Created By
Julie Wallock