Remodeling of Baseball By:Luke myers

In my original bookmark, the quote "how can you not be romantic about baseball?" was on the front. In moneyball their success came from a group of individuals who loved the game, in turn, led to many victories.

The SEARCH for players was a key part of moneyball. Billy Beane and his assistant Paul Depodesta evaluated players more in depthly than any team before. The use of sabermetrics helped them tremendously, when SEARCHING for the player who everybody else passed over.

The days leading up to the MLB draft are always very intense. In the Athletics draft it was almost like a war between the old and new ways. The old scouts were not very susceptible to changing how they have drafted players and Billy new that if the Athletics wanted to win change was neccessary.

The Oakland Athletics have the lowest payroll in the MLB. With this added to the equation of drafting and scouting players, it becomes so much harder for management to put together a winning team.

This quote by Robin Sharma sums up Moneyball and the Oakland Athletics in a condensed sentence. At the beggining the Athletics were awful but once Beane and the Athletics adjusted they became one of the best in baseball.

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