Paula in paris May-July update

It is with great joy to share with you my last three months! It has been full of adventures and beauty and deep moments of fellowship with God and my loved ones around me.


As most of you all know, we as a team went to Bad Blankenburg, Germany for a very special conference called the YWAM DNA conference. For 10 days the founders of YWAM, Loren and Darlene Cunningham as well as their board members from Kona Hawaii, led 3 sessions per day for the full 10 day, imparting to us their vision and calling from God for Youth with a Mission. It was an immense privilege to me able to meet them and sit under their teaching, wisdom and example of humility, fellowship with Christ and a willingness to radically obey God. Loren and Darlene are both 75+ years and are still travelling the world to reach the unreached and preach the Gospel to all! What an example!!

Our team with Loren Cunningham
Some lovely moments in Germany
Please click on the button below to be introduced to Loren Cunningham's vision for YWAM

We were introduced to some of the organisation's leading pioneers, testifying and guiding us step by step through their experiences of being called by God to leave their homes and jobs and take their families to foreign countries and pioneer new YWAM bases. "Principles of pioneering" and the "Apostolic call of YWAM" were mayor themes in this conference and personal inspiration, conviction and application resulted as fruit in the hearts of us who attended. We also had rich workshops during the afternoon sessions that focussed on stewarding our bases, our staff and ourselves in order to be realistic and wise in taking care of what God has called us to nurture and grow.

We met people from all over the world sharing the same passion, desire and call from God to me full-time missionaries with Youth with a Mission.

THE lost kites team

Among these amazing people, we met a team from Kona, Hawaii called "the Lost Kites team". This is a team that studied film and production with YWAM's University of the Nations. They are using their skills to go all over the world and document the world's orphan-crisis. They have been travelling all over the world full-time for two years, just documenting and filming orphans and orphanages all over the world, trying to truly capture and discover how this global crisis can be treated and influenced in a way that restores individual hearts as well as communities. I highly recommend watching the Video I posted (click on "Lost Kites") and sharing it with as many people as possible

The video above is just the trailer of the movie they have made and as they travel all over the world, they connect with churches and organisations to arrange screenings of the film. They work completely free of charge, earn no salaries and ask no payment for what they are doing. Their hearts are to see orphans find homes and communities restored.

We invited them to come to Paris and they lived with us for a full 4 weeks and it changed all of our lives! They spend their time in Paris filming and visiting churches and organisations, where they were allowed to screen their movie and interact with people interested in joining their movement. We had the privilege to go with them wherever they were working in Paris and it touched our hearts deeply.

After their time in Paris, they went to the Ukraine to join in a bicycle-tour ran by a Ukrainian Pastor, Gennadiy Mokhnenko. The tour was made up of ±50 Ukrainians, pastors and their adopted sons (some of the pastors adopted up to 30 boys!) who were all cycling from the absolute eastern part of Russia all the way through to the most western part of Europe. The campaign is to raise awareness of the orphan-crisis in Europe and two of our team members, Lucie Gerber and Carrie Webb, went to join the Lost Kites team in the Ukraine for 1 week and served the cycling team.

If you have access to Netflix, I highly recommend watching the documentary called "Almost Holy". This documentary is about Gennadiy's story and how God called him to go into the streets of his city and start rescuing orphans. It is not advisable for sensitive viewers but it is deeply touching and not only worth watching, but worth sharing to as many people as possible!


Our team have been really enjoying summer time in Paris and it allowed us to spend a lot more time outside, especially for worship and intersession times.

Some street art intersession

We went to a street where we made Graffiti art as an act of intersession over our beautiful neighbourhood, Belleville, declaring who God is and his heart for the individuals in Belleville.

Worship in the park

We are blessed to have the most amazing parks in our neighbourhood and in summertime we love to do our worship times outside in these parks, praising God for who he is!

South African team in Paris

One of my personal highlights was seeing my dear friends from Lewende Woord, Talitha Korner, Jennifer Pienaar who were in Paris with an outreach team. We had some fun times together and it really filled our hearts with love, peace, joy and appreciation for friendship!


Currently we are at the beginning of a new and extremely busy season!! We are hosting our annual "YWAM FRANCE NATIONAL CONFERENCE" in the city of Bretagne during the final two weeks of August.

The heart of the conference is to come together as YWAM FRANCE and give feedback of what our bases have lived the past year and share experiences with one another. We will also come before God again as YWAM FRANCE and hear what He has on his heart for our next year. We will have lectures and some rich input in order to fill us again with fresh vision for 2017.


Our annual Discipleship Training School| DTS will be starting on the 31st of September. The school will have a focus on Art and Cuisine and we are all very excited and preparing to receive students from all over the world to join the school and have a life-changing experience with God and their school-mates. The school will run for 6 months and will end 30 March 2017. I will give a more detailed update once the school has started.

Prayer request

I would truly appreciate prayer for the following:

Our National conference: favour upon all or administration and finances; safe travels; to have deep encounters with god
The start of our new DTS: grace upon our staff's planning and preparations; guidance from god for the school leaders; unity within the staff team and proper housing for the students
Our base is in desperate need of more housing: God's guidance and word in finding housing for us as staff and new dts students
More staff to join our team
More financial supporters for me personally


I want to thank every financial, emotional and spiritual supporter for your investments in my life. I honestly will not be able to function healthily and happily without your help. Thank you for every message and email asking me how I am doing and words of encouragement. It encourages me more than you will realise and it helps me keep a sharp vision of faith in what God has called me to do here in Paris.

Much love,

Paula de Wet | paypal: | FNB Paula de Wet, Cheque, 270443, account number 62316719577| please contact me for my FRENCH BANKING details

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