2019 Year in Review Third Wave Fund

On Transformative Collective Leadership: A Letter from the Co-Cos

Dear Friends,

We write this letter to you with so much gratitude. At our October 2018 Gender Bash Fundraiser, we were (literally) handed the baton from former Executive Director Rye Young, and granted the opportunity to continue the radical, grassroots, youth-led legacy of Third Wave Fund as Co-Directors. Even though the baton was passed to our hands, we were clear — the vision for resourcing our movements couldn’t be held by just one person, or even a pair. It would take all of us.

Now, just over a year later, we’re thankful that you stuck with us through that transition — you leaned in and helped make 2019 our biggest, boldest year yet.

In 2019, we saw how transformative collective leadership can be.

  • We held our first-ever values-aligned participatory budgeting process, creating more financial transparency and building financial management skills across our staff and Advisory Council.
  • We held our second Sex Worker Giving Circle Fellowship, bringing emerging movement and philanthropic leaders who are sex workers into grantmaking leadership, and committing over $600,000 to sex worker-led groups.
  • We worked with the Men’s Gender Justice Giving Circle and our Sustainable Leadership Fund members to bring more of our community into our fundraising work through organizing house parties, phone-banking marathons, and fundraising trainings.
  • For the first time ever, we broke one million dollars in grantmaking in 2019 - giving out over $1.2m. We outraised our projected budget by $870,000, and have a base of 300 individuals and 5 foundations committed to multi-year pledges and monthly gifts.

These small and big actions of creating a leaderFULL organization have made a huge impact on our sustainability. This is what collective action looks like. It really does take all of us.

Looking ahead at 2020, we will need both visionary reflection and nimble action. We’ve grown so much since re-launching Third Wave Fund four years ago, and we’re now ready to plan ahead for the next five years. We’re excited to lead Third Wave Fund’s first strategic planning process, guided by our grantees, supporters, and community. And while we’ll be planning for the long-haul, we’ll also stay true to what Third Wave has always been – a scrappy, strategic hub for supporting organizations and activists often looked over by philanthropy. In 2020 and beyond, we’ll continue supporting movements with rapid response dollars and long-term support. We’re also excited to announce the launch of our Conflict Resolution Fund pilot — with grants going to youth-led orgs doing conflict, harm, and violence prevention work.

2020 will not be an easy year — but our ask of you is simple: Will you continue to stick with movements led by women of color, queer, trans, and intersex young folks for the long-haul, no matter what is thrown our way? Whether that’s offering your house for a fundraiser, making decorations for Gender Bash, committing to a monthly gift or 6-year pledge – every action and every dollar radically transforms the status quo in philanthropy, and allows us to dream and scheme in the present and future.

Thank you for trusting us to carry the Third Wave Fund baton forward. Thank you to all of our Grantees, Fellows, Grantmaking Committee Members, to our Advisory Council, staff, and to every single one of you that put dollars and energy towards our work. Thank you for sticking with us, and for believing in our youth-led, gender and reproductive justice vision. Thank you for believing in young, queer, trans, gender nonconforming leadership of color.

We have so much farther to go, and we’re right where we need to be — we’re doing the damn thing! Bring it, 2020.

Wage love,

The Co-Cos

Kiyomi Fujikawa and Ana Conner

Artwork by Rommy Torrico

Our 2019 Grantees

West Coast & Pacific

Bay Area Workers Support (BAWS) | Oakland, CA | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Kween Culture Initiative | Oakland, CA | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Power to Live Campaign | Oakland, CA | Mobilize Power Fund | $15,000

Queer Crescent Healing | Oakland, CA | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,000

Under the Red Umbrella | Oakland, CA | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Hecate Society & Resistencia Relativa | Los Angeles, CA | Mobilize Power Fund | $15,000

Mirror Memoirs | Los Angeles CA / National | Mobilize Power Fund | $6,500 and Own Our Power Fund | $15,000

API Equality Northern California | San Francisco, CA | Own Our Power Fund | $15,000

Somos Familia Valle | San Fernando Valley, CA | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $10,000

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA (SWOP-USA) | Walnut, CA / National | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network | Burien, WA | Mobilize Power Fund | $10,000

CID Massage Parlor Outreach Project | Seattle, WA | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,000

Coalition for Rights and Safety for People in the Sex Trade | Seattle, WA | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

QTPOC Birthwerq | Seattle, WA / National | Own Our Power Fund | $25,000

U.T.O.P.I.A. Seattle | Seattle, WA | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

South & Southeast

Justice before Peace | Louisville, KY | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,000

My Sistah’s House | Memphis, TN | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

WECARETN | Memphis, TN | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective & Carolina Abortion Fund | Knoxville, TN | Mobilize Power Fund | $20,000

TAKE Resource Center | Birmingham, AL | Grow Power Fund | $35,000

TKO Society | Selma, AL | Own Our Power Fund | $25,000

Yellowhammer Fund | Tuscaloosa, AL | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500 and Own Our Power Fund | $15,000

Black Feminist Future | Atlanta, GA | Mobilize Power Fund | $10,000

Intersex Justice Project | Atlanta, GA / National | Own Our Power Fund | $25,000

Alerta Migratoria | Chapel Hill, NC | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Youth OUTright | Asheville, NC | Mobilize Power Fund | $15,000

Project Blackbird | Greensboro, NC & Oklahoma City, OK | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $10,000 and Mobilize Power Fund | $4,350

Urban Survivors Union | Greensboro, NC | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Youth Organizing Institute | Durham, NC | Grow Power Fund | $35,000

South Florida Healing Justice Project | Ft.Lauderdale, FL | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,000

Fanm Saj Inc | Miami, FL | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Southern Birth Justice Project | Miami, FL | Own Our Power Fund | $15,000

Spring Up | Miami Gardens, FL | Own Our Power Fund | $15,000

Siempre Vivas | Mayaguez, PR | Mobilize Power Fund | $6,235

The Icarus Project & Caminando la Utopia | Murrells Inlet, SC & Comerío, PR | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition | New Orleans, LA | Mobilize Power Fund | $15,000

Reproductive Justice Action Collective | New Orleans, LA | Grow Power Fund | $35,000

Women with a Vision | New Orleans, LA | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

West Fund | El Paso, TX | Grow Power Fund | $35,000


Release MN8 | Minneapolis, MN | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Native Justice Coalition | Manistee, MI | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Interaction Initiative | Mishawaka, IN | Mobilize Power Fund | $8,000

Trans Sistas of Color Project | Detroit, MI | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000 and Grow Power Fund | $35,000

Heaux Stroll Chicago | Chicago, IL | Mobilize Power Fund | $2,500

National LGBTQ Workers Center | Chicago, IL | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Pilsen Alliance | Chicago, IL | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Youth for Black Lives | Chicago, IL | Mobilize Power Fund | $2,450

Dissenters | Chicago, IL | Mobilize Power Fund | $10,000

Street Youth Rise Up | Chicago, IL | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Assata’s Daughters | Chicago, IL | Grow Power Fund | $35,000

Support Ho(s)e | Chicago, IL / New York, NY | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

HEART Women & Girls | Chicago, IL / National | Grow Power Fund | $35,000


New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance (NJ-RUA) | Long Branch, NJ | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Best Practices Policy Project | Morristown, NJ | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Be a Voice for Justice Initiative | Buffalo, NY | Mobilize Power Fund | $6,500

BTGNC Resource | Brooklyn, NY | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,000

Hoe is (Our) Life | Brooklyn, NY | Mobilize Power Fund - $6,500

The Rockaway Youth Task Force | Far Rockaway, NY | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,000

Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo | Queens, NY | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $10,000

G.L.I.T.S. | New York City, NY | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Black Sex Worker Collective | New York City, NY | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500 and Sex Worker Giving Circle | $10,000

Multicultural Resource Center | Ithaca, NY | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance (AMOR) | Providence, RI | Mobilize Power Fund | $12,000

Sistafire | Providence, RI | Own Our Power Fund | $25,000

Okra Ethics | Pittsburgh, PA | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,000

Holler Health Justice | Charleston, WV | Mobilize Power Fund | $20,000

Justice for Jason & People Against Police Brutality | New Haven, CT | Mobilize Power Fund | $20,000

Out in the Open | Brattleboro, VT | Own Our Power Fund | $15,000

Trans United | Washington, D.C. / National | Own Our Power Fund | $25,000

Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) | Washington, D.C. | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

No Justice No Pride | Washington, D.C. | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

Whose Corner is it Anyway? | Holyoke, MA | Sex Worker Giving Circle - $20,000

Mountain West

Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center | Durango, CO | Mobilize Power Fund | $5,700

Black Phoenix Organizing Collective | Phoenix, AZ | Mobilize Power Fund | $10,000

The Outlaw Project | Phoenix, AZ | Sex Worker Giving Circle | $20,000

Poder in Action | Phoenix, AZ | Mobilize Power Fund | $4,000

Trans Queer Pueblo | Phoenix, AZ | Grow Power Fund | $35,000

Transwoman Empowerment Initiative and Rez Spit | Albuquerque, NM | Mobilize Power Fund | $7,500

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From Rapid-Response to Long-Term Funding: Our Grantmaking Areas

Rapid-Response Funding

In 2019 through the Mobilize Power Fund, we've awarded $366,735 through 43 grants, a 28% increase from 2018.

We launched the Mobilize Power Fund in 2015 as a rapid-response fund that supports the leadership of young women, trans, intersex, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth of color under 35 in social justice movements in moments of much-needed direct action, community mobilizing, and healing justice.

We believe powerful movements need the ability to respond to and heal from immediate threats with flexible and responsive funding opportunities.

Mobilize Power Fund Grantees: Alerta Migratoria - Alliance to Mobilize our Resistance (AMOR) - Be a Voice for Justice Initiative - Black Feminist Future - Black Phoenix Organizing Collective - Black Sex Worker Collective - BTGNC Resource - CID Massage Parlor Outreach Project - Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center - Dissenters - Fanm Saj Inc - Heaux Stroll Chicago - Hecate Society & Resistencia Relativa - Hoe is (our) Life - Holler Health Justice - InterAction Initiative Inc - Justice Before Peace - Justice for Jason & People Against Police Brutality - Kween Culture Initiative - Mirror Memoirs - Multicultural Resource Center - My Sistah’s House - National LGBTQ Workers Center - Native Justice Coalition - OKRA Ethics - Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition - Pilsen Alliance - Poder in Action - Power to Live Campaign - Project Blackbird - Queer Crescent Healing - Release MN8 - Siempre Vivas - South Florida Healing Justice Project - The Icarus Project & Caminando la Utopía - The Rockaway Youth Task Force - The Transwoman Empowerment Initiative & Rez Spit - Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network - Yellowhammer Fund - Youth for Black Lives - Youth OUTRight

Capacity-Building Funding

In 2019 through the Own Our Power Fund, we awarded $225,000 through 11 grants.

The Own Our Power Fund makes one and two-year capacity-building grants of up to $25,000 for projects that seek to increase the agency communities have over their organizations by supporting leadership, sustainability, and self-representation.

The fund supports communities most impacted to lead the work, aiding in developing sustainable revenue models and fundraising strategies, and harnessing the power of self-representation through community-led research, storytelling or communications.

Own Our Power Fund was made possible by DataCenter, an institution which advanced research justice for 38 years. DataCenter dissolved in 2016 and chose Third Wave Fund to continue the legacy of their work.

Own Our Power Fund Grantees: API Equality Northern California - Intersex Justice Project - Mirror Memoirs - Out in the Open - QTPOC Birthwerq - SistaFire - Southern Birth Justice Project - Spring Up - TKO Society - Trans United - Yellowhammer Fund

Long-Term Funding

In its 3rd year, our inaugural Grow Power Fund cohort has been awarded $245,000 to 8 grantees.

The Grow Power Fund is a long-term investment in emerging organizations led by young women of color; trans, gender non-conforming, queer, and intersex youth; and low-income communities.

The fund offers each grantee holistic support by providing a multi-year (6 year) grant inclusive of general operating funds, capacity-building funds, and funds for organizational development coaching.

Grow Power Fund Grantees: Assata’s Daughters - HEART Women and Girls - Reproductive Justice Action Collective - TAKE Resource Center - Trans Queer Pueblo - Trans Sistas of Color Project - West Fund - Youth Organizing Institute

Sex Worker-Led Funding

In 2018, we started the first sex-worker led fund housed at a U.S. foundation, awarding $200,000 through the Sex Worker Giving Circle.

In 2019, the SWGC hired a Sex Work Funding Officer and awarded $370,000 (with an additional $30,000 allocated by fellows for early 2020) to over 20 groups including our first renewal and multi-year grants.

The 2019 SWGC Fellows were selected for their expertise and skills as sex workers most impacted by oppression. These eleven fabulous Fellows were responsible for making all grant decisions, and helping to design and implement grassroots events and fundraising campaigns that reached audiences of over two million people this summer.

Between grant cycles, SWGC Fellows and staff are hard at work for more and better funding for frontline sex worker communities, through resource development, philanthropic advocacy, speaking engagements, and more. As we move towards our Spring 2020 cycle, we’re proud to keep building on these successes to resource sex workers to organize for safety, self-determination, and justice.

Sex Worker Giving Circle Grantees: Bay Area Workers Support (BAWS) - Best Practices Policy Project - Black Sex Worker Collective - Coalition for the Rights and Safety of People in the Sex Trade - Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo - Collection Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) - G.L.I.T.S. - New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance - Project Blackbird - Somos Familia Valle - Street Youth Rise Up - Support Ho(s)e - Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP USA) - The Outlaw Project - Trans Sistas of Color Project - Trans Women of Color Collective - Under the Red Umbrella - Urban Survivors Union - U.T.O.P.I.A. Seattle - WECARETN - Whose Corner Is It Anyway? - Women With a Vision

We're Leveling Up and Doubling-Down

Third Wave has been on an exciting and powerful growth trajectory in recent years, and our grantmaking, capacity building, and philanthropic advocacy has leveled-up in tandem. As we started 2019, we had made nearly $2 million dollars in grants total from relaunching in 2015 - 2018. In 2019 alone, we made an additional $1.2 million in grants and sponsorships to under-resourced and grassroots gender justice movements, once again breaking our grantmaking record since our founding in 1996. We increased our giving across the board —from our rapid response grants, to our long term, 6-year, general operating support grants.

In addition to how much money we’re moving, we’ve heard time and time again that how we do it is just as important, if not more. We continue to double-down on supporting young women of color’s and trans and gender-non-conforming people of color’s leadership in movements for an expansive vision of gender justice. We continue to hear the need to not only resource the mobilizations and frontline work, but also the need for care work and healing justice that sustains and transforms grassroots organizing on the ground. We maintain our commitment to accessibility - taking applications by phone, written, DIY selfie video, and in English or Spanish. We are also one of the only funding institutions to resource groups that do not have a 501(c)3 status.

We know the experts are the people closest to the issues, and that the people with lived experiences have the most critical, intersectional solutions to the problems they face. This means we must trust our grantees and fellows to show us the way to best support movements for social change. Our Sex Worker Giving Circle (SWGC) Fellows awarded $370,000 (with an additional $30,000 allocated by fellows for early 2020) after four months of learning the nuts and bolts of grantmaking and fundraising. The SWGC heard the need for long-term support, so it made its first multi-year grants in 2019.

In spite of the challenges and hostile political climate for so many of our communities, we know that gender justice is possible, and we see powerful and liberatory examples of it in our grantees work everyday. We know that long-term redistribution of wealth and shifts towards people power are essential — beyond any year, political cycle, or decade. As we reflect on 2019, we see the brilliance, joy, and rigor of our communities and are proud to be able to get resources where they need to go.

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Grantee Highlights

Kween Culture Initiative

Kween Culture Initiative (Oakland, CA - Mobilize Power Fund, January) promotes the social and cultural empowerment of transgender women of color. In response to needs that emerged out of their “State of Emergency: Violence Against Trans Women of Color" forum in November 2018, they led a series of convenings centered on building healing justice and leadership development infrastructure by and for Black & Brown trans women in the Bay Area. This project directly challenged philanthropic divestment from trans women of color leadership, infrastructure, healing, and wellness while bridging healing justice and leadership development with a racial and gender justice analysis. Their model aims to be replicable in other local trans women of color communities across the country, and builds peer networks for ongoing organizing, collaboration, and mutual support.

“Kween Culture aims to disrupt the notions that we, as Black and Brown women of transgender experience- cannot thrive. The “Cultivating Black Trans Joy” convening shared thought-leadership through sisterhood and created ideas towards our liberation that can be translated into actionable outcomes for Black transgender women leaders to use in their own lives [...] For Kween Culture, being a recipient of this grant award was an affirmation that our work is absolutely necessary and with a greater impact than we ever realized." - Aria Said, Executive Director of Kween Culture Initiative

Queer Crescent Healing

Queer Crescent Healing (Oakland, CA - Mobilize Power Fund, March) is a cultural shift organization rooted in gender justice, queer liberation and creating collective possibilities for LGBTQIA+ Muslims in the Bay Area and nationally. Beginning as a support group, Queer Crescent Healing has evolved into a political home for queer, trans, and non-binary Muslim young people in the Bay Area to gather, practice, and learn at the intersection of healing justice and community organizing. In response to harm that had taken place within their programming, Queer Crescent Healing initiated a restorative justice process and digital security training as a way to proactively build skills and infrastructure to address future conflict and harm.

"With the support from Third Wave, we were able to work with a transformative justice practitioner to restore trust and build deeper alignment around our work [...] We started this particular project on safety to address the clear and abusive harm of a community member, however through the process also learned about the subtle, yet also harmful unintentional dynamics that were being created through unexamined power. I am humbled and learning what leadership within one's own community looks like." - Shenaaz Janmohamed, Founder / Lead Organizer of Queer Crescent Healing


U.T.O.P.I.A SEATTLE (Seattle, WA - Sex Worker Giving Circle renewed grantee) was born out of the struggles, challenges, strength, and resilience of the queer, trans, and Pacific Islander community in South Seattle and South King County. U.T.O.P.I.A (short for United Territories of Pacific Islander Alliance) is led by Indigenous Pasifika trans women, most of whom have current or past experiences with sex work. They approach their community work through an intersectional and cultural lens as their culture plays an integral role in the way they care and fight for the liberation of queer and trans people of color. With our funding, they have created a safety network for transgender and gender diverse PI sex workers and also ramped up support through health services, worker and tenant rights training, healing gatherings, story-centered policy agendas, local and regional QTPI sex worker convenings, and more.

“We demonstrate our belief in liberation by placing the most marginalized part of community at the center of our work. To get funded by the Sex Worker Giving Circle means that the work we do is not only led but also resourced by strong and resilient individuals with experiences in sex work.” - Taffy T. Johnson, Executive Director, U.T.O.P.I.A. SEATTLE

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Reflections on the Sex Worker Giving Circle

by Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, 2018 SWGC Fellow

2019 marked the second year of Third Wave Fund’s groundbreaking Sex Worker Giving Circle. It was also year two of FOSTA-SESTA’s assault on the lives and livelihoods of people in the sex industry.

No one is more aware of the harm FOSTA-SESTA has caused than our SWGC Fellows, and no one is better able to rise to the task of defeating these anti-sex worker laws. Our brilliant Fellows not only make all funding decisions, define the character of the giving circle, and spread the word, they utilize tactics and talents unique to the sex trade to enhance our philanthropy. And it’s effective—2019 Fellows raised $15,000 in a single day and created social media campaigns seen by over two million people!

We recognized our Fellows’ amazing work by increasing their stipends from $500 to $1000 and continued to provide training in fundraising, grantmaking, and human rights in the philanthropic sector. The impact of the fellowship speaks for itself: Fellows have raised $110,000 since 2018 through major donor meetings and gone on to transform grantmaking organizations as new employees.

The genius of our Fellows is reflected in the grantees they select, all of whom share their commitment to creating innovative solutions to the dehumanization of sex workers. Every organization we fund is on the cutting edge of sex worker-led movements for justice. Our grantees’ efforts continue to move us toward ending the harm FOSTA-SESTA has wrought on sex workers and their communities.

Third Wave Fund is proud of what the SWGC has done to push for decriminalization of sex work through ethical grantmaking, reducing the harm of anti-sex worker laws by resourcing collective resilience, and celebrating people in the sex industry. We urge you to join us in keeping this essential work alive by donating to the Sex Worker Giving Circle, and hope you’ll draw on our model to bring sex worker-led and -informed philanthropy to your organization.

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What our Donors have to Say

“The fact that Third Wave Fund is actively dismantling traditional notions of what philanthropy is, is why I give. From who they consider and fund, to who runs it, to how the staff and board operate, all challenge how we can not only support marginalized communities but reimagine how we do so. It’s incredible.” - Nina Kossoff, Advisory Council member and Gender Bash Planning Committee Member
“Giving to Third Wave brings me joy because I get to be a small part of something much larger. I know that my donations support organizing around the country that I might have never known about, and also support the small but mighty staff at Third Wave to do their work well!” - Jes Kelley
“Not only is it so important for the movement for sex worker rights to be led by sex workers, but it’s also clear that directing money to small grassroots organizing means that money goes further and makes a bigger impact than if bogged down in a larger, bureaucratic organization. Third Wave helps make that happen, and also importantly does a lot of work to create community itself. I know that when I donate to Third Wave, the money is going to the places where it will make the biggest impact.” - JB Brager
“Those of us in the Men's Gender Justice Giving Circle were so lucky to partner with Third Wave Fund to move money to grassroots gender justice organizing. Ana, Maryse, Nicole, and everyone else at Third Wave have been both tender and rigorous with us as we've worked to be in right relationship with the movement. Their vision of gender justice has taught us so much about the way the world can and will be when we win.” - Men’s Gender Justice Giving Circle


Thanks to your support in 2019, Third Wave Fund had tremendous growth financially. We raised over $3.36m up from roughly $2.01m in 2018, and made $1.38m in grantmaking, sponsorships, and capacity building. In addition to the money we raised this year, we wanted to share more about the overall financial health of the organization.

Savings, Endowments, and Reserve

6-month reserve: Proteus Fund’s best practice is for all fiscally sponsored projects to maintain a reserve of 6-months expenses (not including grantmaking). For Third Wave, we have $502,219 as a dedicated 6-month reserve.

Endowments and Investments

DataCenter Endowment: The DataCenter - an incredible movement-building research organization that coined the term Participatory Action Research - closed in 2017 and donated their assets (about $458,000 at time of closure) to Third Wave with the agreement we would use 5% of the restricted endowment to make grants towards Participatory Action Research projects. These are usually made through our Own Our Power Fund or Mobilize Power Fund.

Lela Breitbart Memorial: At the time of the closure of Third Wave Foundation in 2014, we had an endowed fund called the Lela Breitbart Memorial Fund, a fund which a donor generously set up when her daughter, an ardent young feminist activist who worked at Planned Parenthood, unexpectedly and tragically passed away.

Total Investments: With the Lela Breitbart Memorial Fund, DataCenter, and other funds, we have just under $1m invested in a LGBTQ-owned social responsible fund. In 2020, we hope to continue to explore creative investment strategies that are in line with our values.


We value multi-year funding across many of our funds. As a result, we currently are liable for $1.475m in multi-year grant commitments. We include this amount in our savings.

Net Assets

We have total net assets of $3.362m with $1,080,000 of that in Restricted Net Assets (these restricted assets are mostly multi-year grant commitments awarded to us, but will not be released until a future year).

Values-based Budgeting Process for 2020

With a staff and advisory council made up of mostly young queer and trans people of color with mixed class backgrounds, we know that many of us are not trusted or taught to navigate money matters. In the interest of building stronger financial skills across our team, we took inspiration from our friends at A Bookkeeping Cooperative (ABC) and AORTA to have a participatory, values-based budgeting process for 2020. After members of staff and advisors attended a workshop with ABC and AORTA, we collaboratively set “success statements” for our budget - knowing that budgets reflect values as much as they do how much is in the bank. From these success statements, we developed a budget that has input and buy-in from everyone on our team. We hope to continue this practice in the future and continue our learning and practice.

Our Staff

From left to right, top to bottom:

Woods Ervin | Administrative Assistant

Nicole Myles | External Relations Associate

Maryse Mitchell-Brody | Sex Worker Funding Officer

mai c. doan | Program Assistant

Kiyomi Fujikawa | Co-Director

Monica Trinidad | Communications Officer

Ana Conner | Co-Director

Joy Messinger | Program Officer

Advisory Council

Hana Sun | Outgoing Co-Chair

deesha narichania | Outgoing Co-Chair

Adjoa Sankofia Tetteh | Incoming Co-Chair

Christine Davitt

Jaime-Jin Lewis

Eugenia Lee

Nina Kossoff

Verónica Bayetti Flores

Julia Lukomnik (until March 2019)

Sarah Abbott (until June 2019)

Thank you to our Donors!

First 100

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