Chapter 1 } The Main Idea is how they were interviewed by two Nazi soldiers when Kristi, Annemarie, and Ellen were practicing for the school race. They ran into two soldiers when they sped through the street. Annemarie and Ellen knew if they told there mothers they would be in trouble for running. But Kristi told there mothers every thing. That's what consisted of Chapter 1 of " Number The Stars "

Why Are You Running?

Chapter 2 } The Main Idea is how the people of Copenhagen mourned the loss of Annemarie's sister. Kristi her smaller sister had been very picky bout the stories she wanted read to her. The whole town missed her. At first, I believed the Nazi soldiers didn't like King Christian. The whole town would kill themselves for King Christian X because they love him.

Who Is The Man That Rides Past?

Chapter 3 } The Main Idea is the German soldiers are beginning to close down businesses like Mrs. Hirsch's button shop. The two mothers would still have "coffee" and began to knit mittens because it was gonna be winter and they know how cold it gets. Peter came to visit in the night but he still knew it was dangerous. Mostly because Denmark had a time curfew and he was passed it. They used electricity and light wisely because they knew it wasn't gonna last for them.

Where Is Mrs. Hirsch?

Chapter 4 } They were playing with dolls. Kristi's mom bought her new shoes. She HATED them but Ellen told her she would paint them black. The Nazis burned down "Tivoli" because the fun. When they came at first. Ellen's family is Jewish so they knew the risk. Annemarie is a little jealous about Ellen because she didn't Ellen's family had to go " visit some relatives ". But they really had to go because the Jews were in danger.

It Will Be A Long Night.

Chapter 5 } Annemarie doubted any soldiers coming but when they heard knocking they panicked. Ellen pretending to be Lise, panicked because she was wearing the "Star of David". They were questioning the family while protecting Ellen. She was worried what would happen if they figured out. Her voice was unsettling and at unease.

Who is the Dark-Haired One?

Chapter 6 } They were going to Annemarie's uncle. They were talking in code. Annemarie didn't know what they were saying but it did sound familiar. So they set off on the train. The soldiers were on the train, looking. They were so scared because Kristi was gonna expose them. She was telling the girls about she grew up when they got to the barn by the docks.

Is The Weather Good For Fishing?

Chapter 7 } They came to visit there uncle Henrik by the sea. Annemarie was showing Ellen the shore. Annemarie had always came to the shore when she visited uncle Henrik. They were playing in the field playing with a cat they found while Mama was making applesauce. They haven't had applesauce in a long time. They learned to live with what they have but now they had more food clothes to keep them warm.

The House. By The Sea

Chapter 8 } She woke up to the noise of her mother. And Kristi was trying to feed the cat water😂. The soldiers were know known as a joke when there with Henrik. They loved being there playing. They teased with all the mess. There has been a death, her great aunt had died . Except they don't have a great aunt by that name.

There has been a death

Chapter 9 } They found out that there was no Aunt Britti and it was all a lie. There was a death but who's.? Everybody was walking by in black clothes. Annemarie knew it wasn't true. She knew all mama's family. She never ever had heard the name Britti in her family. She didn't what to believe.

Let us open the casket

Chapter 10 } The Nazis went to the house because they saw a casket. THEY SLAPPED MAMA.! She was talking sass so she was hit by a solider. The dad obviously couldn't do anything but stand there. If he did something they would " take him away " . They didn't have the casket open . She wanted to keep the person dead a secret so she didn't open the suspicious casket. But was there a person after all?

Will we see you soon, Peter.

Chapter 11 } They found out there was nothing but supplies in the casket. They said it was gonna be cold. They were putting the sweater on the baby. Thy were feeding Rachel, the baby, some medicine to sleep all night. Probably not to make noise. Peter started to call her ex-fiancé mom, Inge. Her first name.They were stalking, trying make some time past by faster. I think that they were going to Sweden. Where there were no soldiers.

Where was Mama?

Chapter 12 } It was very very dark. They were leaving Henrik's house. They were going to the dock to ride a ship to Sweden. They were trying to escape. Kristi & Annemarie were talking. They were worrying about where mama was. They were both not here. (Mama & Henrik) She was trying to find Mama. A shape was there. A dark shape. She was looking to see who it was. It was her momma....

RUN! As fast as you can .

Chapter 13 } They found mamma, they were trying to be as quite. She had broken her ankle. The Rosens had gotten away. Mr. Rosen had dropped a special packet. He needed. She directed her to go to the docks. She as on a very important mission.

On the dark path

Chapter 14 } She was realizing how cold it was. She was only wearing a light sweater. She was thinking of a story. Kristi was very doubtful of the story. She was talking to her story. She was thinking how Kristi would have said " A FOX! " . She smiled wanting sun. She was almost there. She was worried about. He had been there before with Kristi. She ran into town and saw the soldiers. With there dogs. What was she gonna do now. ?


Chapter 15 } Annemarie panicked when she saw the savage dogs. She didn't know what to do. She was trying to act dumb to distract and let her pass. They were in her way and she was trying to act like a silly little girl. They were trying to break her. She started crying. They were opening the package. He had seen the package and said calmly.

I will tell you just a little .

Chapter 16 } Mama went to the doctor. Annemarie had milked the cow. So after Henrik got here they went to the barn they talked about where Ellen was and she knew she was very courageous. She was brave. The hanker chief she brought Henrik had a drug that ruins the sense of smell of dogs after they smell it. So they smelt it and they couldn't smell.

All this long time.

Chapter 17 } [FINAL] This was 2 years later. The war was over. Everyone in Copenhagen was happy. Everyone was moving in to the abandoned apartments. The Germans had killed Peter. He was in the Resistance. So they did what they had to do. Lise was part of the resistance. They miss Lise. And Ellen is coming back but until then ; Annemarie would were her necklace. So that's the end of, " NUMBER THE STARS "✨

Town celebrating.


Raul made everything 😂🤙🏾

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